Rumour: Don’t mention News 24

Update: The ABC confirms SKY News plays hardball over the channel name "News 24."

Rumour: TV Tonight hears whispers that the rivalry between SKY News and ABC over the upcoming News channel has seen SKY play hardball over the channel name.

Is it true SKY has delivered a letter to ABC insisting that it has ownership of “News 24” branding and that the channel must only ever be mentioned as ABC News 24?

Instructions are believed to be filtering through ABC ranks that the channel must always be described in its entirety….

It’s gonna get ugly, folks.

Update: The ABC confirmed to Crikey that Sky has “raised concerns with us.”

“The name of the new channel is ABC News 24 and that is what we have been using and will use as the appropriate title,” a spokesperson said.

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  1. Sky News is a world wide news network with local news channels in Australia, it’s not only seen by a hand full of people in pubs. Yes ABC News 24 will be seen by more people in AU by fact it’s FTA and available to more homes. But I’ll keep watching SkyNews on Pay TV.

  2. What is Sky news and who gets Sky anyway? I’ve certainly never seen Sky channel, isn’t that the channel they have on in pubs sometimes? Surely it would only be watched by a handful of people anyway.

  3. @MHA, why ? does Sky own News 24, does it have a trademark. Sky is just getting upset because there is a new kid on the block, and tapping into a market they couldn’t be bothered to getting into.

  4. I’m with Russell and Knowfirst. Sky News is a cheap relay of 7 and 9 with I’ll trained and under prepared presenters. Sure their cheap and cheerful political talkshows can be a good watch, but as a rolling news service they are acutely aware that they can’t compete with the ABC. And it’s showing…..

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