Rush launch

The stars of Rush last night joined producers and TEN executives for a media launch at Transport at Federation Square.

In attendance were Callan Mulvey, Rodger Corser, Sam Johnson, Catherine McClements, Nicole de Silva, Jolene Anderson, Ashley Zukerman, Josef Ber, John Edwards, Mimi Butler, David Mott, Beverley McGarvey, Rick Maier, Jo’an Papadopolous, Stephanie Bansemer-Brown and gathered media.

Rick Maier gave a short speech talking up the series, now in its third season. He noted that the last TEN drama to make it that far was The Secret Life of Us. This season will be big with a warchest of explosions, car chases and impressive stunts.

John Edwards thanked his production crew and cast and said the show was “fun, fun, fun” to make.

TEN’s drama slate is on a high right now with Hawke and Offspring on the way and Neighbours 25th birthday due next month.

Also in attendance were new cast members Kevin Hofbauer and Camile Keenan.


  1. I really detest this show, but I’ll admit sometimes I get suckered in.

    Did anyone catch the comeback promos using an American accent? What was that about??

  2. Rush has a lot going for it- I admit I’ve never watched it on TV however, since the DVD releases are upto date I’ll be glued to the TV next week for its return.

    Luckily it only goes head to head with Sea Patrol for 2 weeks. There is a lot of uncertainty and critisism of City Homicide at the moment, I hope this only encourages people to return to the third season of Rush and those of us who may have never watched it before to check it out and give it a go.

  3. Just a little note, I believe Neighbours’ birthday was on 18 March. Susan Bower is more interested in the 6,000th episode than the soaps 25th birthday.

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