Shine Australia exec appointments

Shine Australia announces three new roles, one of which goes to FremantleMedia Australia's Paul Franklin.

Shine Australia announced three appointments this week, one of which is Paul Franklin, a key FremantleMedia Australia exec.

Franklin has been appointed Director of Programming. In addition to being the architect behind the stripping of MasterChef Australia and The Biggest Loser, his credits also include Jamie’s Kitchen Australia, The Farmer Wants A Wife, Project Runway Australia, The Gift, Triple Zero Heroes and The Apprentice Australia. He also spent seven years producing in the UK. This will be his third stint with the Mark and Carl Fennessy, having worked for them at both FremantleMedia Australia and Crackerjack.

Producer Julie Ward becomes Director of Entertainment. Her credits include Rove Live, Australian Idol, It Takes Two, ARIA Awards and So You Think You Can Dance Australia.

Sara Horn becomes as Director of Production, a role she occupied at both Crackerjack & Fremantlemedia Australia. She has overseen a slate of 16 productions including Neighbours, Australian Idol, So You Think You Can Dance?, Australia’s Got Talent, Project Runway, The Farmer Wants A Wife, The Biggest Loser and MasterChef Australia.

CEO Mark Fennessy said: “We’re truly excited and delighted to welcome Paul Franklin, Julie Ward and Sara Horn to Shine Australia. As suppliers of premium content we’re only as good as the quality of our people and these 3 talented executives are simply the best in the business.”

Shine Australia is currently producing Minute to Win It with several other formats in production or development  including Junior MasterChef, Letters and Numbers and Relocation Relocation Australia.

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  1. If Shine doesn’t have another hit in the US/UK in the next 3 years, they’ll largely be doing F all…. Once upon a time Australian production companies used to dictate our hits (not talking about drama), however sadly that time has passed.

    Im sure no one here was suggesting that any of these producers actually conceived any of the well know titles in this release?

  2. And not a single announcement about anyone developing comedy (as opposed to panel show crap), drama or anything else original and challenging.

    Why are we celebrating these people, exactly? Who is going to develop the next Mad Men here, or Modern Family, or Friday Night Lights, etc. Or for that matter, even just the next Kath and Kim or Underbelly?

  3. @Ronnie & Julian. Fremantle do still have a lot of shows, Farmer wants a wife, X factor, Australia’s got talent, and SYTYCD hasn’t been axed yet, but yes they have last a lot in the past year.

    but as George said Fremantle are one of the worlds biggest show creators and have lots of potential worldwide franchises in their pockets. it’s not like they are doing to disappear.

  4. You need to remember these execs, while have had tremendous success, they don’t own any of their productions. These productions are Fremantle productions and will go nowhere else, however Master Chef was only ever with Fremantle as Shine Australia was yet to be set up (lucky it worked now they will have the cash flow to pay this lot – bravo for that). Fremantle still have most number of big international brands and a far greater strike rate of hits internationally. Personnel loss is massive however they’ll get replaced with people wanting to work on future X Factors, Top Model, Idol or whatever is their next big US hit. Shine will also have more hits but traditionally wont have the same volume of them.

    All that being said Shine really have given them a good kick in the guts. Must be some great incentives over there.

    All those smaller format companies with no intention of getting into production in Aus will licking their lips as they’ll be seeing money put against anything that looks like it might remotely work with a seriously crowded market( Fremantle, Sine and Endemol)…

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