Steven Moffat to pen 5 more Who eps

Doctor Who executive producer Steven Moffat will write five episodes for the next series of the show.

Moffat said, “I’m doing the [2010] Christmas special plus five, so it’s the same. Six again.”

“I’m basically following what Russell (T. Davies) did,” he confirmed. “Having worked out the sums and worked out how he does it, I thought that’s a perfect way of doing it.”

Between Doctor Who and his new show Sherlock, he hasn’t been enjoying much of a work life balance.

“The last year has been extraordinary,” he claimed. “I’ve had about four days off, and that includes Christmas day. I work every weekend, I get up early in the morning, I go to bed late at night. There is no way of balancing it.”

The next series, starring Matt Smith as The Doctor, is scheduled for broadcast in 2011.

Source: Unreality Primetime


  1. Sherlock was quite good. I guess the slowness was just the required setting it up. It was Doctor Who esque though.

    Moffat only did the first episode though I believe.

  2. @Craig that’s how the production team thought of it during the 70’s when they created the character of the Master. They thought the Doctor was Sherlock, Brigadier Alistair Gordon Lethbridge Stewart was Holmes and the character of the Master was Moriarty.

  3. My theory is Doctor Who is the modern day Sherlock Holmes, they are similar characters solving mysteries.

    Maybe the real reason Benedict Cumberbatch did get the part was it’s harder to fit his name on the promos like Matt Smith LOL

    Nine is not showing the Sherlock series until the end of the ratings period, dumb move IMO. They will probably stick it on Sunday nights, what do the others have planned for that time?

  4. We are still hearing November for Sherlock!! Did well in the UK over the weekend and there is talk of more!! Cumberbatch is likely to have an on-going role in Who this year – although that is if you can believe him. Love what the Sun did – Cumberbatch was in for the auditions of Who and talked to Tennant about it and the next minute the Sun had him turning it down! Actually Smith auditioned for Watson as well.
    And the difference between American and English shows?? More time and effort goes into each episode in the UK – not cookie cutter TV and it shows!

  5. @Craig – You could see so many elements of The Doctor in Cumberbatch’s performance as Sherlock Holmes.

    Also, Sherlock is fantastic stuff. More anything from Moffat is a good thing.

  6. How can these English actors, writers and producers be so overworked when the series that they make have less than half the episodes each year than an American series?

  7. I know some complained but the last series but I liked it.

    BTW any news on Sherlock on Nine? I saw the first on and it’s really good, bit slow to start with but well worth the watch.

    FYI the lead in Sherlock (Benedict Cumberbatch) was up for the role of the new Doctor before turning down the part.

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