TEN dumps Dance in favour of Glee-inspired talent series

EXCLUSIVE: TV Tonight understands Channel TEN has officially dumped So You Think You Can Dance Australia from its 2011 line-up in favour of a new entertainment format inspired by the success of Glee.

Don’t Stop Believing is an all-singing, all-dancing format from the UK, to be produced locally by Shine Australia.

The UK series assembles group performers in live performance shows with groups competing against each other, and viewers voting on the winner. Both established and newly-formed groups are included, with soloists also showcased. Both vocal and dance skills are required of participants.

To air mid year on Five, the UK edition will be hosted by former Spice Girl Emma Bunton, and judged by former EastEnders actress Tamsin Outhwaite, Blue member Duncan James, singer Anastacia and High School Musical choreographer Charles “Chucky” Klapow. So far 3000 groups have applied. UK auditions will also be held while the series airs, with new members of varying ages, joining each week.

Word of Don’t Stop Believing follows Chief Programming Officer David Mott recently telling TV Tonight the network would have a new “shiny floor” format to reveal soon.

TEN is understood to have advised FremantleMedia Australia on Friday that So You Think You Can Dance Australia isn’t recommissioned for 2011, but hasn’t ruled out a future return. It follows earlier media speculation that the show may not return next year.

With the future for Australian Idol also unclear, FremantleMedia Australia is seeing its dominance of reality television being challenged, with some of the genre being carved up by its former joint CEOs Mark and Karl Fennessy -now at Shine Australia. But it’s still early days on the hope of new hits, with only Minute to Win It from Shine on air.

Seven recently had the family-friendly Battle of the Choirs but it aired before the slick phenomenon of Glee, which has proven an unabashed winner for TEN.


  1. Lame. We dont need another singing talent show…popstars, idol, X factor…etc…
    Bring back SYTYCD!!!! Unless you think australia has run out of dancing talent…? :S

  2. We are soooo overly entertained these days that what made us excited and enthralled before is now boring. They have to continually think of ways to keeps us glued to the T.V and I don’t think this is the way to go. Singing and dancing things is getting old. Think of other ways of turning everyday average Australians into Reality Superstars.

  3. This should be interesting.It is wishful thinking to see Neighbours dumped for something like this and that won’t happen….Without That as a lead in for the 7pm Project Ten would have to resort to importing in an OC kind of program as filler.

  4. MasterChef was an untested format….not so stupid to go with an untested format in my book.
    And yes, if Mott and his crew make two hour regular eps of any reality show, it will die quickly. It has happened with all their series. I understand trying to hold the audience, but it becomes boring real quick. Psychologists will state that people can only concentrate for around 1 hour. That’s why schools generally have periods that only last an hour.

  5. Have to agree with others.
    TEN killed the other shows.
    Making 2 hr shows, stupid timeslots.

    The fact that AGT got good ratings from Dance acts would give you some indication of dance popularity in the country.

  6. It will work quite well for Ten imagine because they also air Glee.

    In the UK it’s airing on a completely different network and just comes across as a desperate attempt to jump on the Glee bandwagon – and frankly most Five shows are shit, and from the preview they aired yesterday this one won’t be any different. In one groups VT they had more sob stories than the entire six series of The X Factor put together!

  7. Why not try?

    I don’t get some people. Firstly, the complaint is “No one takes risks anymore” and now it’s “Why are you trying an untested format?” Weird.

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