TEN takes Wednesday, Seven thumped.

With MasterChef on one network and Kylie on another, Seven's evening schedule was thumped last night. So far TEN is taking the week.

Even against Kylie and Tony Abbott, MasterChef passes 2.4m again …..0r was that because of Tony Abbott?

TEN’s cook-off rose to 2.46m last night and is on track to break another record tonight just as ABC launches its new channel. The nation is hooked on whether Adam, Callum or Claire will fall at the last hurdle.

TEN thumped the competition with Hey Hey having to settle for 1.17m (averaged across two hours). Its figures are yet to be amended for its overrun.

But it was Seven that was steamrolled last night. World’s Strictest Parents (UK) slumped to 740,000 which did City Homicide no favours on 808,000. The Suspects – True Australian Thrillers sank even lower on 633,000.

Many of the audience seemed to shift from TEN to ABC1 with The Gruen Transfer enjoying 1.28m and Spicks and Specks on 1.17m.

Also yesterday, The 7PM Project cleared the 1m mark again (1.02m) second to ABC News (1.07m), and Sunrise (408,000) dominated Today (288,000).

ABC3’s youth-presented News on 3 also made the Top 100, on 105,000.

TEN won the night in both primary and combined network figures. It continues to lead the week, with just 0.5% splitting Nine and Seven in network figures.

Week 30

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  1. Craig says:
    July 22, 2010 at 10:24 am

    I agree Craig with how channel 7 doesn’t show the credits at the end of a show or a movie or they and I mean all networks squash the credits and start promoting another show which you have already seen the promo’s for during the add breaks. All involved in TV shows and movies should be acknowledge via the credits and sometimes I want to catch a name of an actor or a song I liked.

  2. There is no question Hey Hey has had its day be it Wednesday or Saturday.
    9 should have stuck to a few specials as all those involved are a pack of hasbeens including that very unfunny R. Gilbert. Could Masterchef hit 4 mill. Sunday night? It would not surprise me.

  3. @jake.. yes the timing is incredible! Would to have at least liked to see 1 week of Hey Hey without Masterchef on the same time, as they’re both pretty much targetted as family shows in a sense, so would have been interesting to see what the ratings showed in that instance.

  4. Yesterday I predicted Hey Hey would pull 1.1 million and MC 2.5 million so I was not far off the mark. According to another site, Hey Hey averaged 1.05 million in the first hour but rose to 1.3 million in the second hour after MC finished.

  5. I recorded CH and watched it back after Lie to Me. You can draw a straight line from Blue Heelers to this show. On the nose dialogue telling us what we are already seeing, expositional wrap up of evidence gathered, most of it studio based. It feels claustrophobic and it’s like the storytelling hasn’t evolved in twenty years. I thought the ending was real shark-jumping. Compare that to Rush – where the dialogue sounds like people actually speak, and a lot of time is spent on location. No wonder only 808,000 people watched – game over. That said, pity Time Warner didn’t put it on earlier this year in soft slot like Thursday and give it a chance.

  6. David – what’s your view as a professional on the 1.17m for HHIS? Baring in mind their very special guest.

    Are 7PM flogging their (pre-record) interview with La Minogue the same way HH did? If so, I’ll look forward to a comparison of Friday night figures.

    Either Kylie isn’t the drawcard they were hoping for, or that’s as good as HH will ever get.

    Great figures for Gruen, and Spicks and Specks.

  7. Nine and Seven are counting the days until MC is over.

    BTW anyone else hate how Seven (if you were watching) ending City Homicide last night, no credits or anything before crossing to the next show, it just faded to black like they were going to an ad break, I hate that!

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