Three way drama tussle?

Three Aussie dramas going head to head on three networks? Don't rule it out....

TV Tonight hears whispers that following the end of MasterChef Australia, TEN will air Offspring at 8:30pm Wednesdays.

That will see it go head to head with City Homicide.

It will also see repeats of East West 101 take on two first run local dramas. Ironically, SBS is giving the second season a rerun after it struggled against Packed to the Rafters last year. Actor Don Hany appears in both East West 101 and Offspring.

The TEN series produced by John Edwards (Tangle, Rush, Dangerous, The Secret Life of Us) and Imogen Banks (Tangle) began life as a telemovie before being approved to series. It stars Asher Keddie in a story of the impossible loves of 30-something obstetrician Nina Proudman, and her fabulously messy family, as they navigate the chaos of modern life. Also featuring John Waters, Kat Stewart and Deb Mailman it has been described as a “buoyant romantic comedy.”

Rush will also be head to head with Sea Patrol, but not for long.

Added with other dramas on air, these moves will see viewers treated to first run local dramas on four consecutive weeknights.

In other Programming whispers, TEN looks set to air Modern Family at both 7:30pm Tuesday and Wednesday, post-MasterChef.

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  1. I saw them shooting a scene from Offspring at New Quay in Melbourne today!! I thought they were filming a scene from Rush! I apologise if you hear some screaming in the background of some scene near a restaurant.
    It looked pretty good. When i asked the men guarding the area what they were filming, they told me it was a new Australian television show called Offspring. Told them i was definitely going to tune in! Hahaha!

  2. Offspring should be Amazing. I haven’t seen anything but I know a couple of people who auditioned for lead roles for the telemovie ( which would become a series) and they said the script was amazing. Funny, clever and very entertaining!
    Also know someone who did a guest role on this very recently and said there is a really great vibe about the show….its fresh and different!!

    Should be a great change from boring cops shows and overhyped underbelly!!
    Lets hope it rates so we get more drama like it!

  3. Cops LAC will probably be Sunday nights replacing Rescue Special Ops that was in that time slot last year? So it will be interesting to see if Offspring is Wednesdays or Sundays (as other bloggers predict)…..I am looking forward to Offspring and Rush. I hope Channel 10 gets strong viewers for both!

  4. If anyone is going to put a character-based drama like this on Sunday night it’s David Mott – the other commercial programmers are a pair of nervous nellies! I hope it pays off for them big time, like every other risk they take. Good on them for leading the way while Nine and Ten carve up those 55+ numbers between them. They are a joke.

  5. I would love Ten to put on some New Simpsons and to bring back the Cleveland Show but at a more family friendly time of night.Was so looking forward to them returning after so you think you can dance ended but they put that tripe masterchef on(i would like to beat the crap of Matt Preston or have him murdered by Indians)

  6. The rumour that Offspring is going up against City Homicide on Wednesdays could be a red herring. I think Sunday night might be a better option for it especially since there is only poor competition from CSI and Bones is in repeats.

  7. To anonymous who used the name field to address me. I don’t see how having Showcase procludes me from enjoying Packed to the Rafters. It’s an awesome Aussie show and I love Tangle equally but for different reasons. Yes, they often have multiple repeats on Showcase but they’ve actually been cutting back on repeats on Foxtel lately. For example, the new series of Better Off Ted is only screening once a week on the Comedy Channel this time.

  8. Correct, Tangle gets screened i think several times a day and 5 or more nights per week to capture enough viewers so its not really in any competition with other dramas

    All other foxtel dramas get re screened as well as far as i know

    good to see that there is so much local stuff made now days that there will be local shows on evety night

  9. When Australian drama rates it delivers in spades for the networks – but it seems like they’ve only just realised this. Everyone forgets that when Seven had nothing for years they had a drama slate that kept them in the race. Bunching it all up like this in the second half of the year is just poor strategy and poor planning. There will be unnecessary casualties. That said, I hope it leads to some risk taking and innovation.

  10. it started filming in may so it would be a very fast turnaround if it were to start after masterchef. i’d imagine about a month after. most aussie dramas/soaps have a 6-8month turnaround.

  11. Cable is not really in the same type of competition. More than likely if you have Showcase and watch PTTR (seems hard to believe), you will be able to catch Tangle on one of the many repeats. I think Showcase should air 3 or 4 times in the week and accumulate the numbers.

  12. 3 way drama has been done before…

    in 2002 you had Marshall Law on 7 9:30p, Tuesday.

    Stingers on 9, 9:30pm Tuesday

    MDA 9:30pm ABC Tuesday
    Back in my extras acting days lots of work on Marshall Law, was a shame it didn’t last.

    All 3 shows were Melbourne made, and you also had Rove Live on 10… crazy how they tried to cut each others throat

  13. It’s a shame that so many Aussie dramas screen at the same time that they have to compete against each other. Also, Tangle is going up against Packed to the Rafters on Tuesdays.

  14. With all the local shows going head-to-head it’s a wonder they don’t use the 2nd channels to encore them, good thing they can be found else where, if you don’t have a multi-tuner PVR, but it just seams wrong to do that for local shows LOL

    Having double eps of Modern Family could be a problem, some fans might not be able to see both eps on the 2 nights, if only they have a 2nd channel to encore them on…

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