Tony Abbott to judge Red Faces

Red Symons. Check.
Kylie Minogue. Check.
Tony Abbott. Check.


Yes Hey Hey it’s Saturday has secured Tony Abbott to judge an ‘extended’ Red Faces tomorrow night. Or is that red speedos?

Also on the panel will be Entourage‘s Rex Lee.

Elsewhere on the show The Potbelleez will perform.

It airs tomorrow night at 7:30 on Nine.

Guess if Julia can do Fifth Grader…..


  1. @MillerT1 – Rex is actually listed in the opening credits of Entourage… He has been for many seasons. He was reccuring but has been a regular for a while.

  2. I think Tony should be on #730reportland as a priority to this populist move (hey Tony – the ratings are sinking buddy)….

    I’ll tune in tonight for Kylie, and may hang around for Abbott to see how awkward he is…

  3. @ Dell. I feel a little threatened by spiders. Doesn’t mean i suffer from arachnophobia. I’m amazed you didn’t comment on my spelling of conference or politician. Maybe your skills don’t extend as far as you hope? And yes we all know the ratings is all the stations can go by. But reality is, They are inaccurate. And the fact is, millions will see Abbott.
    Again still waiting to hear how Abbot is a homophobe and hey hey is racist.

  4. John Jackson

    Wow… usually it had always been Labor leaders showing they didn’t need to make serious appearances all the time, as I recall Simon Crean, Mark Latham (maybe Kim Beazley?) and most famous of all Rudd making appearances on rove. Haven’t ever seen a Liberal leader do anything apart from the serious programs, but I guess we haven’t had a lot of Liberal leaders (and Rove tried very hard to get John Howard on his show). So this will be a first!

    Although to be fair Tony did appear on a satellite cross on 7PM Project a few weeks back, but still that show does have it’s fair share of serious items. Anyway, so yeah.. looking forward to seeing how this goes tonight! 🙂

  5. @bogan pride
    I hope it’s millions too… why wouldn’t we applaud an opposition leader and Kylie on the same show?
    Problem is mate… ratings might not be 100% correct but they are all the networks have to go by and sell by… and did you notice how I put the % sign after the number? That would be done by someone who not only knows basic writing skills but also perhaps thinks “Hey Hey” is clutching at straws.
    And looking for something homophobic about Abbott? let’s look at the statement on 60 Minutes… when asked about homosexuality he replied “I’d probably say I feel a bit threatened… as so many people.”
    Is that the answer we want from a leader in 2010?
    Wake up mate!

  6. I Think it’s great. Millions of people will get to see him having fun. Yeah, i said millions. You think the ratings are %100 correct?
    @mandy j Give him a break. The press went up to him while he was training. Not as if he called a press confence at parliment house and walked out his office in them.
    @John. Name one thing racist about hey hey
    And one thing “homophobic” About tony abbott.

  7. I’m pretty sure that Rex Lee only had a guest role on Entourage. Yes it was a recurring role, but I’m pretty sure he hasn’t been on the show since Season 3 and we’re now up to Season 7. Another example of why the show and its crew are stuck in the past.

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