Vale: Maury Chaykin

Character actor Maury Chaykin, who played movie mogul ‘Harvey Weingard’ on Entourage, has died aged 61.

Canadian-born Chaykin has 153 film and television credits to his name, including such TV shows as Less Than Kind, Eureka, Trailer Park Boys, Stargate SG-1, CSI, Due South and Tracey Takes On. But he is better known for his film roles including on Dances with Wolves, My Cousin Vinny and Whale Music.

Of his Entourage send-up he once said, “I have never worked for Harvey Weinstein.

“And now I think maybe I never will.”

Chaykin had been battling kidney problems, and passed away on his 61st birthday.

Source: LA Times


  1. Nicholas Lawrence

    @Secret Squirrel: Here here, I loved that show and he owned the role and was truly wonderful.

    His two cameo’s in SG1 were extremely funny as well, but I will always remember him for Nero Wolfe. He was such a great actor.

  2. I will always remember him from Dances With Wolves…
    The king is dead.
    Long live the king.

    …and more recently a hilariously black turn as a victim in CSI:LV who also suffered from narcolepsey.


  3. It is ironical that after more than 150 credits, it is his larger than life version of Harvey Weinstein that he will be remembered for. Blessed & cursed with the look for a ‘heavy’ or ‘unsavory’ type, he was an intensely good actor. Gone too soon!

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