Yes We Canberra!: July 28

Is Julie Bishop's death stare is truly fatal? Here's what's in store as The Chaser boys (finally) return on Wednesday.

The Chaser boys return to our screens tomorrow night (apparently) in their new role as the “ABC warm-up guys for the current affairs program, Lateline.”

The first episode will include:

* finding out whether Julie Bishop’s death stare is truly fatal;
* helping stop the boats reaching marginal inland Labor electorates
* amending Tony Abbott’s book Battlelines for the campaign; and
* proving you don’t need an octopus to get a psychic read on democracy.

The disendorsed Liberal Party candidate, David Barker, has made his biggest gaffe yet, revealing to The Chaser that he will run as an independent in Chifley, instead of telling a reputable news organisation. Mr Barker is the first recipient for 2010 of the Mal Award, The Chaser’s longstanding prize for the biggest stuff-up on the campaign trail, names in honour of the short lived political career of rugby league great, Mal Meninga. When presented with the award by The Chaser’s Craig Reucassel, Barker revealed that tomorrow he will announce that he is running as an independent.

“I’m not sure what David was thinking when he told us that,” said Reucassel, “in fact I’m pretty confident that he wasn’t thinking at all, as usual”.

Yes We Canberra! will air on ABC1 at 9.45 on Wednesday, July 28 after Gruen Nation and is repeated on ABC2 on Thursdays at 9.15pm and will be available on iView. There will be four shows before the election and one after the poll.

A reminder that United States of Tara and At the Movies programming can be found here (with Margaret and David both airing at 10:05pm tonight on ABC1).

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