Airdate: Four Weddings

Hot on the heels of its announcement, Seven will air Four Weddings, hosted by Fifi Box, next month.

The UK format produced by Granada Media Australia sees 4 brides rate each other’s weddings in order to win their ultimate honeymoon.

In an Australian premiere, Fifi Box follows four Aussie brides on their big day and finds out what happens when they judge each other’s weddings to win the ultimate honeymoon getaway. Tonight’s episode features a mediaeval fancy dress ceremony, a modern day fairytale, a black and white extravaganza and a traditional Cambodian wedding.

Box is also guest starring in Home and Away in the week of September 13.

Four Weddings premieres 7:30pm Wednesday September 8th.


  1. bek buxton-frahm

    I canno’t wait for ‘4 WEDDINGS’ to air! My gorgeous sister and nu bro had an absolutly beautiful day…such a memorable wedding!!!! Not many people r up 4 sharing the most special day in there lives with an entire nation…I couldn’ to them! Love you guys xx

  2. lol darl its not fake i was on a reality show years ago.I did get married 3 months ago…just saw the add too and cant wait to see it on the big screen because our wedding was the best!

  3. I saw the ad last night, I swear I have seen one of the chicks in a reality show before! or at least audition for one. Either Big Brother, Beauty & The Geek or something? The blonde one.

    Looks like this show is all fake, not surprising.

  4. Why do people keep giving her oxygen?? She can’t pronounce ‘ing’ words correctly… So Ch 7 get her to host a show about weddings. Or should that be ‘weddins’… It’s not one I’ll be watchin that’s for sure

  5. I’m guessing this will not include a Uniting Church Gay ‘Sacred Union’. But it should, as it would add some interest to an otherwise trash show!

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