Airdate: Gary: Tank Commander

ABC2 will air the six-part UK comedy series, Gary: Tank Commander which follows the life of Corporal Gary McLintoch (Greg McHugh) recently returned home from his tour of duty in Iraq.

The series follows the camp tank commander, mixing documentary style interviews and flashbacks clips to comedy moments in the barracks. The show has been recommissioned by the BBC for a second series.

Gary is now based back at the barracks. He offers candid insights into the life of a soldier – both on the frontline and back at home.

In the first episode, Gary returns from Iraq to a hero’s welcome at the airport from his excitable childhood friend, Julie (Leah MacRae). He’s only just had time to catch up with her and say a quick hello to his Dad before he and his tank crew find themselves on recruitment duty.

Jacko (Robert Jack) is paired with Charlie (Scott Fletcher), while Gary and Adam (Paul-James Corrigan) team up in the local shopping centre. Reporting to the straight-laced Sergeant Splitter, they aren’t having any luck finding the next recruit, although Gary and Adam each find a far better use for the shopping centre. But then Splitter signs up the worst recruit possible, leaving Gary and Adam with a great escape to pull off before it’s too late.

It airs 9:30pm Thursday, 2nd September on ABC2.


  1. I’ve seen the first ep. It’s appalling. It hasn’t even been played in England so I assume that the ABC got it for fifty cents as part of an output deal.

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