Airdate: Horne and Corden

You loved them in Gavin and Stacey, now Mathew Horne and James Corden star in their own comedy sketch show coming soon to ABC2.

The show is shot partly in studio with a live audience, and partly on location. The first episode had a song and dance routine in keeping with a Morecambe and Wise tradition of variety/comedy show. It has already aired in Australia on UKTV.

But the series attracted disappointing reviews in the UK with some reviews noting the pair are better in acting roles than sketch material.

James is over-excited about the fact that he and Mat have their own show, with disastrous results. Xander, the old boarding school chum from hell puts in an appearance and we meet Tim Goodall, the gayest news reporter ever.

James also makes a valiant bid to win a world championship relay race and Ricky Gervais has a special turn in the latest Karate Kid film.

Horne and Corden premieres 9pm Thursday September 2nd on ABC2.


  1. Very much proof Ruth Jones was the talent behind Gavin & Stacey. Everything she’s done since has been rather brilliant – whilst for James Corden it’s pretty much been flop after flop after flop.

  2. Big fans of theirs but this was pretty patchy. Some funny sketches but others were either unfunny or didn’t translate to my non-UK roots. I don’t think they’re even making a second series.

  3. For any fans of Gavin & Stacey the only advice is to really stay far far away, Horne & Corden try as hard as they can to taint any fond feelings you have towards their work on Gav & Stace.

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