Airdate: Human Target

GO! is promising a new series with the FOX series Human Target, based loosely on the comic book character created by Len Wein and Carmine Infantino, to premiere this month.

Mark Valley (Fringe, Swingtown, Boston Legal) stars as Christopher Chance, a mysterious security agent for hire who assumes different identities on behalf of his clients. Chance is accompanied by his business partner Winston (Chi McBride) and hired gun Guerrero (Jackie Earle Haley).

Only 12 episodes have aired in the US but a second season will premiere in September.

The Canadian-filmed series is the second adaptation of the character, following a 1992 series of the same name starring Rick Springfield.

It premieres at 8:30pm Wednesday August 18 on GO!


  1. tw1st_0f_f4t3

    @ freddy looks like you just watch something for the special effects and not the story big deal if the story is good dont need over the top effects

  2. Human Target is based on a comic book character and I believe they have tried to keep the tv show along those lines it was never meant to a serious drama it is made with a slightly tongue-in-cheek attitude with plenty of fun action sequences and from a women’s point of view Mark Valley is also great to look at….I actually love the show.

  3. Not Happy Sam

    @Grinspoon – The effects were pathetic compared to other TV shows. I never compared it to movies…
    The story line was let down by those effects.
    The action was not that great either, some action scenes just looked pathetic.
    Maybe you accept sub-par shows but I do not.
    If you like it watch it.

  4. I have seen a handful of episodes and it’s a fun entertaining action tv series. I will watch the rest on GO!
    @Freddy – who cares if a tv show budget can’t do SPX as well as a movie, it’s doing larger scale things than we’re used to seeing and has some of the best fights and action on tv.

  5. not that i think it is a mistake but premiering a show on a digital channel usually means that the network does not the faith to put it on the main channel because they don’t value it much. and with that ch9’s 2009-2010 US season that they pay over $100mil dollars for has not seen much of a return. not a single new show from those output deals made primetime for more than a few weeks. the best effort was ‘V’ which lasted 2 weeks at 8:30 before long was at 10:30 and now it is considered a GO! show. i don’t think they were counting on these sorts of seasons when they signed a $500mil contract for WB content expecially considering how many shows ten get out of their Fox contract which they pay sofa change for in comparison. and i dont think this coming season will bring much difference 9 probably have the weakest slate.

  6. RE Craig: Nine decided to move Human Target to GO because they found the show didn’t work well when they put a voiceover from an Underbelly cast member over it. jk

  7. Good thing Knight Rider on 7TWO is going to move on Tuesdays as it would have clashed with Human Target had it remained on Wednesdays.

  8. Watched the first 2 episodes awhile ago and was not very impressed.
    Everything just looked so fake, eg: watch the train wreck.
    Pity, it could have been really good.

  9. great, more genre TV for me to get excited about and for Go! to poop in my face with my putting it on at 3am weeknights. I give it 3 weeks.
    Bring back Chuck before ruining any more shows! grrr

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