Airdate: Junior MasterChef

Get ready for the return of the juggernaut….

Junior Masterchef will premiere at 7:30pm Sunday September 12th on TEN.

That pits the show against The X Factor on Seven (potentially even its first live show) and presumably 60 Minutes on Nine.

Further episode info will follow.


  1. @ Kyall I don’t think for a second Seven are doing anything remotely risky with X Factor, it has been done before in this market, by 10, and it is very similar to a host of talent shows that have been on in the last decade on both 7 and 10. Masterchef was the risk.

  2. 7 will not be happy… i hope they move the show to midweek, after living in the UK and seeing ITV’s X Factor the show has so much promise and for it to fail only because of masterchef would be such a shame!

  3. @Kyall Ten took a huge risk with Masterchef and it paid off, Seven took no risk with My Kitchen Rules – riding Masterchef’s success. Same with X Factor, its just there to fill the gap left by Aussie Idol. Hopefully we only have one year of X Factor.

  4. How many episodes will Junior Masterchef run for – the same number of weeks as X Factor?

    Masterchef Jnr should do the business in ratings terms for sure, atlhough I assume a Celebrity Masterchef won’t be returning anytime soon.

  5. @Stephen – the great thing about TV is choice so don’t watch Junior Masterchef if you think your going to throw up. Least you have been warned to avoid Channel Ten that night and for a few months.
    But me can’t wait to watch JMC!!!
    X Factor has been done before and failed miserably. So do we expect anything different this time?

  6. Too bad this dribble will probably kill The X Factor. At least Seven are actually investing some money and taking a risk instead of just doing Senior My Kitchen Rules.

  7. Urrggghh just want the world needs, a bunch of precocious and rehearsed children annoying my TV screen.. Not a chance in hell of watching, in fact I think I will throw up at the thought of them

  8. Man i didn’t think it would be good at all but from what i’ve heard and seen it looks like its gonna be more inspirational, funny and emotional( good happy for them cute emotion) Def looking forward to this

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