Airdate: Married, Single, Other.

TV Tonight can reveal TEN will air the UK romantic dramedy Married, Single, Other following Offspring from 9:30pm Sunday August 22nd.

The six part ITV series explores the lives, loves and loathes of three couples, all at different stages of their relationships, all trying to work out what being a couple is these days and whether they are “Married,” “Single” or “Other.”

Just one series of the dramedy was produced by ITV which subsequently was hit hard by the global recession. It was received mostly positive reviews, with several likening it to Cold Feet -no surprise given it had same director (Declan Lowney) and producer (Andy Harries).

Womanising, materialistic and inherently shallow ad man Clint is generally nauseous at the thought of a second date. But a chance meeting with two-bit catalogue model Abbey has rendered him a changed man. It seems Abbey’s read ‘The Rules’ and won’t be wooed with cheap champagne, a cheeky wink and a few choice compliments. Can he steer clear from lap-dancers and into the path of true love?

Babs’ long term relationship is in real trouble. She might have mind-blowing sex on tap, but quite frankly that doesn’t pay the bills. After a decade long relationship should she divorce her useless but loveable excuse for a husband?

Childhood sweethearts, Lillie and Eddie have been together forever. Blissfully happy they live the perfect two-point-four existence. Or so you’d think. Desperate to marry his childhood sweetheart, Eddie has proposed every year on Lillie’s birthday only to be turned down flat. Does the path of true love ever run smooth?

Over six episodes in this refreshingly gentle drama each character and couple negotiate their way through their own minefield of relationship pitfalls.


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