Airdate: The X Factor

Seven has confirmed The X Factor will premiere 7:30pm Monday August 30th and continue across Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday (Sept 2nd).

The series featuring Kyle Sandilands, Ronan Keating, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian and Matthew Newton is the second time the brand has launched in Australia following a series staged by TEN in 2005.

As expected, the show will power through its audition stages in its first week much like Australian Idol.

A 90 minute episode on August 30  will push back start times for Criminal Minds, Covert Affairs. In Sydney and Brissy, The Matty Johns Show will air at 8:30pm on Sept 2nd.

The X Factor has four categories, 16-24 boys, 16-24 girls, 25 and over, Groups plus four stages : Auditions, Bootcamp, Judge’s Houses, Live Studio.

Contestants are mentored by the judges in various groupings. The winner lands a recording contract with Sony Music Australia.

Audition stages
The four judges – Kyle Sandilands, Natalie Imbruglia, Guy Sebastian and Ronan Keating – all work together at this stage of the competition. An act must receive at least three ‘yes’s’ in order to make it through to the next stage of the competition – Bootcamp.

At Bootcamp, the judges will be allocated a category to mentor. The contestants who received at least three ‘yes’s’ will be put through their paces to see if they can take on different song genres and assess if they have the enigmatic ‘X Factor.’ The judges will select their most promising contestants from each of their four categories to take to the next stage of the competition – Judge’s Houses.

Judge’s Houses
At the Judge’s Houses stage, each judge will pick their three favourite acts to represent them in the live studio shows. They will bring in big guns from the entertainment industry to help them choose their top three acts.

Live Studio shows
The live shows will start later this year. After watching their performance in the live show the public will vote for their favourite act to stay in the competition. In the results show, the two acts with the lowest public vote will sing once again for the Judges and the Judges will vote on who they think deserve to stay in the competition and who should go home.


  1. Once-was-in-doubt

    I was a bit doubtful about this show.But I’m now hooked.Such Great talent we have in this country (along with the wanna b’s!).They are living my dream!Good Luck to them all.Enjoy!

  2. How will Fatty (Sandilands) mentor people? He has no musical experience, whereas in the UK, the panel are pretty much seasoned. So, because he’s the country’s reportedly “#1 breakfast show” announcer and has done a few series of Idle that cuts it? He can’t recognise talent unless it fits into his commercial radio universe…and in recent years, we’ve seen many contestants breaking that mould. I think we’ve just about used up all our commercial talent quota with all the pop contests haven’t we?

  3. The fact that Vile is one of the mentors makes me think this is a train crash waiting to happen – the only “producing” or even remotely music role he has had was for his wife. Sure, he is perfectly capable of sitting there slagging someone on Idol (hell, every man and his dog can do that – “I think it was crap” or “that was hot” which was the height of his expertise on the judging panel) – but he is not a musician, nor does he seem to have any musical qualifications! Never heard Scarlette Belle on Nova, thats for sure, and they’ve certainly never played it on Hamish and Andy on the 2Day network.

    I would Love this show to work – love reality tv, love SYTYCD and miss it,, liked Idol up until they killed it (which I felt coincided with when they hired Vile…). But if you are making a music show, you need people who know about music. If you are giving acts a musical mentor, then how is a radio shock jock going to be able to teach them or guide them?

  4. Rob. buskers rying to be wannabe singers or bands is the smaething as older versions of xfactor and idol. fremantle media can say all they like how they have tried to make it nothing like the fist version. it will be the same as idol were everyone forgets who won the thing after a couple of hours after the finale

  5. Let’s have a rest from these sort of shows for about 10 years to get the talent pool back up,i was hoping of no idol this year would be a good thing.Then this failure of a show is back again.Don’t think i could see myself watching any of these sorts of shows again in the future,i stopped watching idol about 3 years ago,and have missed nothing

  6. “At Bootcamp, the judges will be allocated a category to mentor”

    I like the sound of that but what’s Kyle going to mentor? How to be egotistical? Is he not going to mentor at all? If the latter is the case, it begs the question: what is he doing there?

  7. Mr Chandler et al: by all accounts, FremantleMedia has gone to great lengths to make this local series as close to the last UK version as possible. This format has changed massively from what Ch10 did years ago.

  8. I’ll echo Raynes comment as well ..*yawn*. I watched the one on 10 and it was awful and because of Vile this Seven version will be more rubbish.

  9. I’m going to be watching this – I enjoyed the old series on Ten 5 years ago.

    However, I may stop watching, if the ‘talent’ isn’t up to scratch

  10. I am keen to see this, since it’s being done properly this time but I really hate the fact Kyle Sandilands is involved! I don’t want him to think shows only rate highly because he is on them, that is not the case.

    To test this theory they should bring Jackie O in half way and see if ratings drop cause apparently she’s the kiss of death of shows.

  11. yeah i won;t be watching. just another wannabe idol and that’s tired and out of date. this won’t be anything like the uk version. it will be more like the version they tried on 10

  12. Complete and utter rubbish. This crap was tried by ten and it failed and now seven have resurrected this steaming turd and some people are regaling this as the second coming of Christ.

    I hope it fails dismally and flops. Seven wouldn’t know an orginal programming idea if it came and hit them square in the face.

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