Bumped: Knight Rider, The Riches, Black Donnellys

7TWO’s Knight Rider drives into a new garage from mid-August.

It will air on Tuesdays from August 17 at 8:30pm (instead of Wednesdays), with The Sopranos from 9:30pm in Melb / Ade. Sydney / Bris / Per will have Gary Unmarried (9:30pm) and The Sopranos (10:30pm).

On Wednesday August 18 7TWO has The World Around Us for 2 hrs from 7pm followed by McCallum at 9pm for another 2 hrs.

The Riches shifts to 11pm and The Black Donnellys follows at midnight.

The shows will remain as is this week and next.


  1. Shame. The Knight Rider/Reaper/The Riches/Black Donnellys line-up is pretty much the only thing I watch anymore. And the shows actually blended together quite well!

  2. fresh content continues to slowly diminish on 7two as well. very disappointing. repeated content and movies dominate most nights on 7two and go nowdays. so much for more choice. i thought knight rider and reaper were doing ok (around the 100,000 mark?). it just goes to show that no program is safe.

  3. Wow really?! Black Donnelly’s at midnight. What’s up with your programming department? Soprano’s please, anyone who hasn’t seen it already should have or should go and buy the DVD’s!! Put the Donnelly’s in the 9.30 timeslot.

  4. Where does Reaper fit into all this?? There are not many eps left and I would hate to see it screwed over for its last few weeks.

    Just give us certainty !!

  5. Just noticed they’ve bumped Reaper for this week and based on that line-up they’ve clearly got no intention of bringing it back in the immediate future. Any word on why it is has been bumped and when it’ll be back? 7Two is usually pretty good at letting shows play out but this is the 2nd time they’ve pulled Reaper mid-run.

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