Discovery: Travel and Living to re-brand as TLC

Discovery Travel & Living will re-brand as TLC from September 1st.

TLC, originally known as “The Learning Channel, will carry a variety of informational programming covering cooking, family, home style, weddings and more. It promises to “celebrate everyday life and special occasions by offering both new perspectives and shared experiences from real-life people in remarkable circumstances.”

It will join with other Discovery channels in the Asia-Pacific region including Discovery Channel, Animal Planet, Discovery Science, Discovery HD World, Discovery Turbo and Discovery Home & Health.

Tom Keaveny, executive vice president and managing director, DNAP, said, “With the launch of TLC in the region, we believe that we have a perfect complement to our flagship factual network Discovery Channel and expect to build a strong second flagship lifestyle brand that will offer our affiliates and advertising partners two quality networks to target both men and women, allowing them to reach Asia-Pacific’s affluent audience.”

Expected titles to come will include Cake Boss, Say Yes To The Dress, La Ink, Globe Trekker, Glutton For Punishment, Bizarre Foods With Andrew Zimmern and World Café Asia.

Source: MPA


  1. I may be one of the few but I have never watched a single programme on Travel & Living Channel. I just it find it too difficult to find a new programme on any of the discovery channels, they show more repeats than any other channel. I used to watch a few series on Home and Health channel, but how many series about the Duggan family having another baby can you watch?

  2. So less travel and more lifestyle. I really liked this channel. If it becomes more lifestyle programming than it’s another channel that I will add to the list of channels I won’t watch.

  3. @ Ararat – couldnt agree more! I love being able to leave my Austar setting on widescreen instead of constantly changing when half the channels were 4:3. But the thing I dont understand is CNN, Al Jazeera and CNBC are shown in other countries in 16:9 and yet Austar still broadcast them in 4:3. Now every time I ask about why they say its because they could but its the channels responsibility to choose whether to broadcast in 16:9 or not, but if 3 channels already are in other countries then whats stopping you! And Discovery has to be 16:9 if it has a HD channel (even if all the HD programming isnt shown on the SD channel), as well as all the other Discovery Channels and Nat Geo Channels.
    And seriously is Discovery that cheap that they will only buy the programming for TLC and Travel& Living and make it one channel instead of launching a seperate channel (Travel Channel) and divide the programming between them?

  4. Well, the 16:9 should be on its way, they did after all say that they expected all channels to be widescreen by the end of the year.

    All of the 100s are now widescreen, as are (obviously) the 200s. All movie channels (except TCM) and Sport Channels (except Eurosport News) are as well.

    It’s pretty much just Discovery Network and a couple of stragglers remaining. Overall the situation is MUCH better than it was a year ago.

    But yes, the Discovery Network really needs to pull its act together as it’s getting left behind.

  5. Ok I can seriously name what mistakes they have made and what they should have done instead:
    1 – rebranding Travel & Living to TLC and trying to combine both channels programming. The should have instead launched TLC and rebranded Travel & Living to The Travel Channel and then split the programming on the current T&L between the two channels depending on what channels they are shown in the U.S.
    2 – not changing the aspect to 16:9! Now if you are going to make any major changes to a channel why not try and get the most out of what it can offer! I am guessing half of TLC and half of Travel is HD in the U.S. so that would mean its also in 16:9 so put two and two together Discovery Network!

  6. I don’t get this whole thing. This is a travel channel mainly, and this seems to be going the opposite way. Well I didn’t watch much of this channel before and I don’t think I will be when it becomes TLC.

    I’ll stick with Nat Geo Adventure.

  7. TLC has not been known as “The Learning Channel” for over 12 years.

    It’s not full of docu drama reality shows and makeover shows.

    Furthermore, with the Australian launch TLC actually stands for “Travel & Living Channel”, not the learning channel.

  8. Considering most TLC content isn’t currently even on Travel and Living, this is a weird decision.

    Would have been better to convert Home and Health to TLC, as the TLC content’s actually there.

    I’m expecting a major change in the way Discovery’s extra channels operate within the next twelve months, with Home and Health likely to be rebooted, with the former Travel and Living content, with the TLC content moving to TLC itself.

  9. Many of the expected titles have been shown on existing Foxtel channels. So I guess the means the end of any travel docos. They had a few good ones on there.
    This channel seems like a mix of Home & Health, along with LifeStyle You and LS Food.

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