Doctor Who split season

The next series of Doctor Who will be split into two blocks, transmitting in the UK in spring and autumn.

The split is the result of a request from showrunner Steven Moffat to write a story arc with a big plot twist in the middle of the series.

Moffat plans to give viewers one of the most exciting Doctor Who cliffhangers and plot twists ever.

He said: “The split series is hugely exciting because viewers will be treated to two premieres, two finales and more event episodes. For the kids it will never be more than a few months to the next Doctor Who! Easter, Autumn, Christmas!!”

Big kids may be counting the sleeps however…

Meanwhile in other Who news, check out this cute Doctor Who parody in which The Doctor looks an awful lot like Stewie from Family Guy.

It’s made by Karsten Creations.


Source: BBC


  1. Not as good as the old ones? What? I was there for the “Good Old Days” (Spooky? It was about as spooky as The Goodies), and they Were good … but they’re better now.

  2. havent met one person =adult who has had anything positive to say about thenew series. Including the sales person – I was buying the old series When we were kids we werent allowed to watch it because it was a little spooky now it has gone all bland . I cant get into their characters they are so wooden. with a few touchy feeley moments. As someone says who cares if Rory dies. He doesnt add anything as for Amy what happened to that Scottish sense of humour – shes all dark and sarcastic. The Big bang was the Big FIzz too disjointed and too much going on – it was boring – maybe not to kids I suppose. Hope this season is better or theyll be putting it on the ABC kids channel at 3.00.

  3. Actually I thought there were a lot more “adult themes” this time! The difference was really in the writing – I thought Moffat’s characters were more well rounded. It was better story telling without going for over the top emotion or effects. The subtly made it much more watchable and a lot less in your face! If anything it was less child-like – the brushstrokes were subtle and a lot less broad than Rusty!!

  4. Steven is brilliant!
    I have loved everything he did with the recent season … so much so that i have not been able to bring myself to buy the recently released last year of David Tennant on Blu-ray, which is very odd for me … this new 2010 season was just so much more interesting!
    The “gap” in the next season makes me concerned that either Matt Smith or Karen Gillan may be leaving???? I so hope that is not the case because I think they are the best we have had for a Very long time!

  5. Moffat wrote the weeping angel eps which were amongst the darkest, creepiest and best eps of Doctor Who since its ‘rebirth’ so I don’t see how anyone can say he is more kiddy than RTD who once wrote an episode with a giant cyberman ffs !!!!

    I’m withya Dave!!!!

  6. @Barrie, Moffat didn’t take the human emotion out, it’s more subtle then RTD big grandiose displays of emotions. RTD didn’t just do adult storytelling, he had some childish, this is the man who had farting aliens, a garbage bin eating a person, and human faces on concert slabs. Every Series has had it share of adult and childish stories, who cares, it’s all fun. Just grow up and be a kid and enjoy it and stop analysing it and worrying does it have emotion or is adult enough, or comparing just relax and enjoy, it’s fun.

  7. I think Moffat wanted to split it as the classic series was always shown from Sept-Dec. I wonder how this split season will affect DVD resleases and overseas sales. It doesn’t bother me as I won’t be watching. Been a fan for 30 years. so disappointed that Moffat has taken all the human emotion and adult storytelling that RTD worked so hard to bring it into the 21st century and made it prime time family viewing.

  8. The local channels still don’t know what the split season will mean to us here in Australia! Can only hope that we end up getting it as soon as possible and no one decides we can wait some extra months!!
    There are also plans to have an international version of the BBCIplayer but I’m sure that will be policed so that only those with British television licences and Brit service people will be able to use it though!!

  9. Hi Tomothy! Out of curiosity, why do you think that Moffat thinks of the children too often – and how do you think splitting the season in two would make it more childish?

    While of course he must be mindful of them (it is half the audience, after all!), I’d argue Moffat’s season was much more mature and much less simplistic, narratively and thematically, than previous years. After all, the first, non-Moffat headed series was the one with the burping bins and farting aliens! Series five was easily the best to my mind, while I found the moralising and OTT storytelling of the Davies seasons to be much more populist and “aimed at the kiddies”.

  10. Might be interesting. It’s always good to play around with the established formula a bit – keeps things fresh and interesting.

    I’ll be keen to see where the show is headed next.

  11. Hey Timothy!

    Thanks for at Least mentioning ‘K9’ – for the only show produced in the country that even approaches scifi it get’s nary a mention in the press – even when it’s nominated for awards!….:)

  12. Arrggghhh! I wish Stephen Moffet would stop thinking of the children with this show. It is what made it less enjoyable this season, as he’s trying to bring the kid audience back into it. Thats why there is the Sarah Janes Advertures, and to a lesser extend the cheaply made K9 series – they are for the kids. Sarah Jane is a lot better than the most recent Who series.

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