Election Night: TEN

TEN's election night coverage will feature Paul Bongiorno, Hugh Riminton, Sandra Sully, Bill Woods, The 7PM Project and some footy.

TEN has now detailed more of its line-up for Election Night, which begins at 5pm AEST and runs until 7:30pm. Following an AFL match ending at 10:30pm it will resume Election coverage.

*4.30pm in South Australia and 3.00pm in Western Australia*
Presented by Natarsha Belling with Paul Bongiorno in Sydney, this one hour national bulletin will cross live to Ten’s Senior Political Reporter Hugh Riminton in the tally room as well as a myriad of reporters live from key seats across the nation including Deborah Knight in Bennelong, Bill McDonald in Griffith, Gerard Scholten in Melbourne, Allan Murrell in Sturt and Tamara Akers in Perth. Sandra Sully will be reporting live from Liberal headquarters with Tony Abbott, while Helen Kapalos will be in Melbourne at Labor headquarters with Julia Gillard.

*5.30pm in South Australia and 4.00pm in Western Australia*
Hosted by Bill Woods and Paul Bongiorno in Sydney, TEN will continue its election coverage with live crosses
to Hugh Riminton in the tally room as well as a myriad of reporters live from key seats across the nation.

6.30pm – 7.30pm (AEST): THE ELECTION PROJECT
*6.00pm – 6.30pm in South Australia only and 4.30pm in Western Australia*
Join Charlie Pickering, Carrie Bickmore, Dave Hughes and George Negus at their usual 7PM desk for The
Election Project. Putting their unique spin on the election coverage, The Election Project will include live
crosses to Scott Dooley at the Liberal headquarters in Sydney, Tom Gleeson at the Labor headquarters in
Melbourne, Mitch Grady in Brisbane, Julian Schiller in Adelaide and Sam Mac in Perth. The panel will also cross live to Hugh Riminton in the tally room and will utilise the resources of the Ten News division to bring you the latest from around the country.

7.30pm – 10.30pm (AEST): 2010 AFL PREMIERSHIP with special election updates throughout to keep
abreast of the latest election news.
Sydney (7.30pm) – Sydney Swans v Western Bulldogs
Melbourne (7.30pm), Brisbane (7.30pm), Adelaide (6.30pm) and Perth (5.30pm) – Collingwood v Adelaide

*10.00pm in South Australia and 8.30pm in Western Australia*
Hosted by Bill Woods and Paul Bongiorno, this Ten Late News special will provide a comprehensive wrap up
of all the key election results including continued coverage from Hugh Riminton in the tally room, Sandra Sully
at Liberal headquarters and Helen Kapalos at Labor headquarters.

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  1. Channel 10 gives me probably a majority of my viewing habits – comedy, light ent, some drama but news analysis and political gravitas – no! It amuses me that every network clamours to provide election coverage. Pointless – may as well provide an alternative for those who are just as happy to read about it in the Sunday paper the next day. For me always ABC first, then Sky, then 9 if i flip channels.

  2. Whilst I applaud Ten for trying something different with election coverage, possibly not the best move (long term) if they are looking at getting into the 6p-7p news biz.
    Traditional coverage probably would rate lower than this “Election project”, but long term would help build the news brand.

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