ELEVEN to launch in early 2011

TEN has confirmed it will launch its new digital multichannel, ELEVEN early next year.

The new SD channel promises ‘fun and bold programming with particular appeal to the distinctly youthful market.’

It will air all-new episodes of Futurama, The Cleveland Show, Supernatural, Stargate, Dexter, Smallville, The Office, Nurse Jackie, 90210 and more.

It will also be the free-to-air home of the iconic The Simpsons.

Neighbours will also move to ELEVEN leaving question marks about the Network’s plans for local content on TEN. It will remain at 6:30pm weeknights.

Chief programming officer David Mott said: “Neighbours is an important and cherished member of the Network Ten family.

“We believe Neighbours is perfectly suited to ELEVEN’s audience strategy and will find a successful and enduring home on ELEVEN. We will round out the first 25 years with a bang, and give Australia’s most successful drama a new home to keep it vibrant in the schedule for the next 25.”

FremantleMedia Australia CEO, Ian Hogg said: “Just as Neighbours forged new territory for TEN in 1986, so we will again for ELEVEN in 2011. We are very proud of the faith being placed in Neighbours and the key role we will be playing in ELEVEN’s launch and line-up. Our storyline plans for 2011 are both bold and dramatic. Neighbours fans have much to look forward to for many years to come.”

Shifting Neighbours and The Simpsons signals changes for TEN’s early evening line-up. Following from News at Five bulletins, TEN will introduce a new half-hour national news-based program at 6.00 pm weeknights targeting viewers seeking a smarter, more informed, considered and insightful approach to the stories, issues, events and news-makers of the day.

Then at 6.30pm weeknights and at 6.00pm weekends, TEN will present a half-hour locally-presented and produced news service in all markets, focussing on the key issues in each State.

ELEVEN will also draw upon more than 70,000 hours of content from CBS’s library, including Everybody Loves Raymond, Sex and the City, JAG, Frasier, Judging Amy, Happy Days and MacGyver, to name a few.

In addition, Network Ten Pty Limited and CBS Studios International announced the proposed formation of a joint venture, ElevenCo Pty Limited (ElevenCo), which will provide content to ELEVEN. Network Ten will hold 66 2/3 per cent equity in ElevenCo, with CBS Studios Inc. holding a 33 1/3 per cent share.

As part of the arrangement to form the proposed joint venture, CBS has agreed to extend its existing long-term output deal with Network TEN.

CEO Grant Blackley said: “CBS Studios is a leading producer of quality programming for the global marketplace. In addition to its successful pipeline of content to the CBS network, which has been the lead network in the US for the last 8 out of 10 years, CBS produces content for the youth-targeted network, the CW. Our established output deal with CBS has been long and fruitful, delivering hits such as NCIS, NCIS: Los Angeles, Rules of Engagement, Medium, The Good Wife and the much-anticipated Hawaii Five-0 to Australian audiences.”

“Importantly, the joint venture will ensure long term continuity of this prolific US content pipeline, underpinning the sustainability of ELEVEN and also delivering continued supply of high quality international programming for TEN.

“ELEVEN will deliver a distinct destination for Australian consumers and advertisers. The channel’s ‘distinctly youthful’ focus will be well suited to fostering a strong level of online community and social media engagement, and the format will provide opportunities for a high level of sponsor integration – such as segment and program hostings – delivered in ways that will resonate with ELEVEN’s audience,” Mr Blackley said.

ELEVEN will replace ONE SD.

A week ago Seven announced its new digital channel 7mate would launch in late September.

The Simpsons,
The Cleveland Show,
The Office,
Stargate Universe,
The Late Show with David Letterman,
One Tree Hill,
Top Model UK

Family Ties,
The Brady Bunch,
The King of Queens,
Get Smart,
Hogan’s Heroes,
Happy Days,
The 4400,
Melrose Place,
The Love Boat,
7th Heaven,
Sex and the City,
Star Trek,
Star Trek: Voyager,
Judging Amy,
Diagnosis Murder,
Walker Texas Ranger


  1. Well at least we’ll finally get to see new Dexter episodes, and they are finally bringing dollhouse onto free to air… wondered what was taking so long

  2. I think its great they will be showing Nurse Jackie. I was so annoyed when they kept moving the times around and I would set the VCR (I know, I’m still old school) to record and it would record something else, like the news. Its a great show and since the actress won the Emmy for outstanding lead actress, maybe more people will tune in.

  3. News from today that SC10 have no intentions launching Eleven when TEN does in early 2011. Looks like regional viewers will miss out once again especially on their favourite TV shows such as Neighbours, ect

  4. Armchair analyst

    Name is good content not bad so far good. Some of the titles from the CBS library/catalogue are already on GO! So just one question how does that work. Will Go! stop aring them soon or what. Another show which should be included is Videohits seeing how its a youth orientated show and it too will be celebrating 25 yrs next year so it would only make sense to include it on 11. I emailed VH on that similar topic hopefully they will listen.

  5. Question question question.. I just reminded myself tocheck the TV and it says that the current 11 is OneHd does that mean 11 will be HD too.. i sure hope so

  6. I’m with JB, would *love* to see Monk back on FTA screens, but as I recall the last network to own the rights was Nein. Unfortunately, they decided in their infinite “wisdom” to show different episodes to different states (AFL states Vs NRL states, and then differences within those categories) which made it impossible to catch everyone up, even though it was still winning Emmy after Emmy at the time.

    But at least Dexter’s finally, Finally, going to get an airing! Wahoo!

  7. Where Joseph said “The station ident looks like the old Warner Bros. logo from the 70s”—my thoughts exactly. I even remember that logo on all the Atari 2600 console/games packaging and manuals from when Warner Communications owned Atari back in the day…

    Talk about a flashback. Future TV station ident that looks like a 70s comms company logo. Way to go, TEN!

  8. Now I know Ten + One = 11. Maybe that was their strategy? The line is good, but why do digital networks show us programming from 1960-1999. I mean Go has some stuff my Mum watched as a child.I know that Skippy is on nine at 1:30am every Friday morning. [Thursday overnight]. Why not show this content in prime time and see the ratings. Ten could be repeating The Simpons but new eps only air once per year. Maybe they need to air one ep twice?

  9. It’d definitely make perfect sense for them to have Ferguson on after Letterman. I don’t care who gets Conan’s new show, as long as it isn’t 7 or 9 since their EPGs aren’t even close to when shows actually start/finish, messing up recordings.

  10. Lisa, i’m almost certain B&B would stay on TEN. It targets an older demo, and also any shows that are rating well on ten, would stay there. If i remember correctly, ten dominate daytime tv, so they have no reason to change it. You’ll notice all the shows that are going onto eleven have been tried on ten, and have just not rated high enough for a primary channel.

    The problem with their 6-7pm timeslot is that they dominate the 5pm hour with their news, and they want to try and keep an audience there to get into their evening programming.. i just don’t know how well more news is going to go, because i think it will dilute the shares of all their news shows, including the 5pm bulletin. Hmm.. it’ll be interesting to see how it goes. I hope they have a bit of a plan b for the 6pm hour tho. They do seem a bit stuck for choice.

  11. I think this channel could be better then GO! and 7mate. I can’t wait to see Smallville, Supernatural, Stargate Universe, Dollhouse, Dexter, Charmed, The 4400, JAG, Star Trek, Star Trek Voyager, and i might even give Nurse Jackie, Melrose Place and 90210 a go but i would like to see True Blood, Legend of the Seeker, The X-Files, Farscape, Californication and hopefully regional viewers will get the channel on ch55.

  12. All these complaints about shows like Supernatural being old but seriously at least it will be given a consistent slot and before you know it Ten will be up to date with the show.

  13. I’m mostly happy with this, but I would be disappointed if The Late Show moved off Ten.

    With Comedy Channel not airing them any more, it would be nice if Ten/Eleven could acquire some other late night talk shows though.

  14. Too many numbers. None of these network names differentiate themselves from one another:

    ABC1, ABC2, ABC3, ABCNews 24, One, Seven, Seven Two, Seven Mate, Nine, Ten, Eleven, SBS One, SBS Two..


  15. Neighbours aired at 7pm for several years, and Home and Away aired at 6:30pm. Channel 7 then decided to shift H&A to 7pm in direct competition with Neighbours. This continued for several months and then TEN gave in and moved Neighbours to 6:30pm, and the status quo has remained ever since. I can’t remember when the shuffle happened – maybe around 1992? Hinch used to be on at 7pm on Channel 7, but then he changed to Channel 10 and was on at 6:30pm initially, so I’d say the shuffle happened soon after that (Hinch and Neighbours swapped places – I’m certain of that).

  16. Although there are few comments like them, I’m surprised that comments relating to Big Brother in this post are kind of asking whether it will return. Usually it is the complete opposite with people whinging that the show is a waste of time. I guess real fans of Big Brother will now hop onto the TEN forums and nag TEN to bring it back now they have more room on the main channel, right?

    Well, no, not really. Unfortunately; the entire line up of ELEVEN does look good; don’t get me wrong, but it is basically all of TEN’s summer content sprawled out 24/7 52 weeks a year; so any space to be filled on TEN is late night time slots and summer; the latter of which would be unsuitable for BB.

    I agree with David, Big Brother is too expensive, and with this new channel plus the money having to go in to creating the two new early evening TEN shows; TEN may want to put whatever remains towards getting those drama quota points up.

    I’m a fan of Big Brother; and I’m loving the positivity; but I don’t think this is our answer. And why should it? Time heals all wounds; the longer we go without Big Brother; the better is return will be warranted.

  17. As a big SN fan i say Hallelujah!!. but why is it only in standard definition. that completely defeats the purpose of moving forward into a high definition stage of techonology.. and im buying a blue ray recorder so i can get sn in hd and save it in hd to a disk…. ` criess

    @kim. i know right. and it’s treatment isdispicable they have lost so much by being douchebags. i haven’t seen them online cuz i dont like doing it that way but as soon as the boxset comes out im there in the blink of an eye. i wont watch the other ones though that havent aired. but i mean tje wait has been unbearable. if they cut it again im going to be shattered. im hoping that they will finish airing s5 before the new years ratings period so that we won’t be so far behind but with channel ten its wishful thinking ain’t it

    11 doesnt have much on offer for me , pretty much only Supernatural, Dexter, the Simpsons and Futurama. the latter 2 of which i don’t watch on a weekly basis

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