Fight for Terra Nova

Steven Spielberg's dino-drama may yet be coming to Free to Air after all.

Steven Spielberg’s dinosaur drama Terra Nova is turning into a behind-the-scenes drama with TEN now claiming it will air the show in 2011 despite it already being announced by Foxtel.

The change will come about under the FOX output deal that TEN and Foxtel both share.

With the show not due to premiere in the US until mid-2011, it now falls under the acquisitions for next year, not this year.

Earlier this month Foxtel’s Brian Walsh said the big-budget project was one of its exciting forthcoming titles.

Terra Nova will screen on Foxtel’s flagship channel FOX8 as part of our shared output deal with 20th Century Fox and Network TEN,” he said.

But a spokerson for TEN yesterday told TV Tonight, “With Terra Nova currently still in pre-production in Queensland, we’re advised that it won’t screen in the US until next year. Whatever the US air-date, we look forward to bringing Spielberg’s latest masterpiece to TEN in 2011.

“Whatever the US air-date, we look forward to bringing Spielberg’s latest masterpiece to TEN in 2011.”

The show is expected to premiere its first episode following the American Idol finale in May next year before the series rolls out in September 2011,  just as Glee did last year.

It begins shooting on the Gold Coast in October.

Foxtel did not respond to enquiries.


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  1. If Channel 10 actually get to air this first we can be sure of only 2 things, 1 they will not show the full season and 2 the few episodes they do air will probably run in the highly coveted Midnight to 1am slot, Just like they did with Harper’s Island and Torchwood and pretty much every other cool US show they’ve ever gotten their rotten unreliable hands on, Leave it alone 10 let FOX8 have it so we can can get a chance to watch it in full without having to download or having to wait for some FTA Butthole employee to decide to air it.

  2. A shame it will be on Fox8, a station which has as many ad breaks as any FTA station.
    However at least Pay will show a complete series once it’s scheduled, not like FTA who can’t be counted on at all these days.

  3. If the season proper doesn’t start until late 2011 it’s still a while off before anyone will get to see it. I think what they should do is like in the US for some shows. Air it on PayTV first, and they a week later on FTA, you have the choice of seeing it first or waiting the extra time for FTA… also if it fails on the main TEN channel they could always drop it on 11 but either way you know it will last longer on Fox8!

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