Former Big Brother contestant in “Liberal stacking” claims against forum

A 2007 Big Brother contestant part of claims that the audience of swinging voters at The People’s Forum was weighted in favour of the Liberal Party last night.

Political pollster Galaxy says it will investigate why Joel Scalzi, the son of former South Australian Liberal MP Joe Scalzi, was part of the audience at yesterday’s Rooty Hill RSL Club forum.

Scalzi appeared in the 2007 series of Big Brother as a Young Liberal with politicial ambitions, making it all the way to the final 6 contestants.

”In all honesty a lot of the policies that are put in place by governments affect those people with a wife, with the kids and with a house,” Mr Scalzi told Mr Abbott last night.

”Why should I vote for you?”

Mr Scalzi remarked he had a ”decent DVD collection” and invited Mr Abbott to ”come around to my place and watch The Notebook any time”.

David Briggs, the principal at Galaxy Research, would not comment on whether there was a Liberal Party-bias in the audience, saying “we are looking into that”. But he added that Mr Scalzi was only one of 200 “real people” selected by his company.

Yesterday SBS’ Insight revealed one of its audience members this week was a Labor party candidate.

Source: The Age, Canberra Times


  1. It appears that Joel Scalzi had media accreditation with WS.FM. Breakfast hosts Jonesy & Amanda confirmed this on their programme yesterday. They also spoke to Joel who said that he is no longer a member of the Young Liberals.

  2. Wasn’t Joel one of the dudes that was thrown out of the house for inappropriate behaviour – or have i got him confused with another idiotic, wannabe housemate?

  3. I think the problem is that a lot of people like to think they are swinging voters which is the criteria when you collect these people. But the fact is, whether they like it or not they have a slight bias towards a one political party or another.

    I’ve recruited these people before and that’s what tends to come out.

  4. I was watching the interview this morning on APAC and as soon as I saw him i put it on facebook thinking I had gone crazy! But now seeing him makes me want Big Brother back more than ever!!!

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