Four Corners: Aug 30

Monday night’s Four Corners is a joint ABC / Fairfax investigation that looks inside major Australian organised crime networks.

“The general public do need to know… the breadth and the scope of organised crime and the damage it’s doing to them.” – Expert in criminal intelligence

If you ask Australia’s top criminal intelligence analysts they will tell you organised crime has changed. Gangs no longer rely on geographic or ethnic connections. Crime now is trans-national and cross-cultural.

Modern crime bosses have also changed. Now they are like the chief executive officers of major multinational corporations with the organisational skills to match. Their job is to bring together people with expertise in procurement, transport and importation of drugs and other illegal cargo. Once the goods are delivered in Australia they are then distributed by another arm of “the company” through major supply chains.

This week Four Corners details the activities of these powerful networks. The program reveals how these networks are able to function despite attention from the police. It shows how officials on the waterfront and other points of authority are paid off to assist the importation of drugs and the chemicals needed to make them. As a result, the networks imported and sold drugs worth millions of dollars. The program also reveals the identity of the men involved, the network they created and the police operation that targeted them.

Four Corners: Crime Incorporated airs Monday 30th August at 8.30pm on ABC1.


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