Foxtel iQ to be internet-enabled by end of year

Internet-enabled iQs, new iPhone and iPad applications -just some of the Foxtel product announcements made yesterday by CEO Kim Williams.

Williiams was being interviewed on SKY Business Channel’s Media Week programme yesterday. Buoyed by the revenue results for the first quarter of 2010 he flagged several new and updated technology products.

“Before the end of this month you’ll see a new iPhone application, which will add the iSuggest functionality to the iPhone,” he said.

So far there have been 210,000 iPhone apps downloads since December with over 2m customer sessions at an average length of 9.6 minutes.

“We will launch our first iPad application before the end of this month, and we’re going to launch the most fabulous little gadget, which will be initially with Microsoft by the end of the month, and move into Macs about four weeks after that,” he said.

“It puts the Live EPG as a desktop unit on your workstation, so that you have an immediate connection from your workstation to your iQ at home.”

The application allows a programme to be instantly set for Recording by the iQ.

Williams also said Foxtel would introduce internet products from October.

“First we’ll see the whole On Demand products launched to the fleet of iQs. Over 3/4’s of a million iQs will be internet enabled before the end of this year.

“That will render for the customer around 1,500 separate movies and television programmes on demand. It’s like bringing the biggest video store right into your living room.”

In 2-3 years the content will grow to 5,000 – 6,000 titles.

Williams did not reveal any fees for the IPTV offering.

“We have a number of IPTV announcements that we’re going to be making over the course of the next 12-18 months, which I think will re-energise the whole consumer space, in terms of the reality of internet delivery to the television set.

Foxtel is also negotiating with Telstra to offer programmes through Telstra’s T-Box.

“The Foxtel On Demand service that will be launched by the internet from October this year will in fact have free-rating with Telstra Bigpond. So it’s a very sensible reason to get Telstra Bigpond.”

Williams also flagged an announcement on Commonwealth Games plans due on August 19.

Foxtel will have over 500 live uninterrupted hours, with a 6 way multiscreen application, available in broadband and High Definition.

“It will be the biggest High Definition broadcast in world history.”


  1. Williams also flagged an announcement on Commonwealth Games plans due on August 19.

    Foxtel will have over 500 live uninterrupted hours, with a 6 way multiscreen application, available in broadband and High Definition.

    Commonwealth Games plans.. you have got to be Joking who would want to pay to watch that rubbish

  2. Terrible programs?

    There are 100s of programs of Pay TV that you simply don’t get anywhere else, yes some channels are better than others but look at the line up on Showcase, Movie Extra, W and the new Universal Channel. If you can’t find quality shows then you simply are not looking hard enough.

    Lets not forget the ground breaking local drama “Love My Way” or the up and coming “Spirited” good luck seeing those on FTA.

  3. Never understood when people say say cable TV should not have advertising.

    You pay to buy magazines, newspapers and see movies at the cinema. Yet all three mediums have advertising. What do you think keeps your monthly subscriber fees low? Pull advertising and they would go up!

  4. Just more whiz bang rubbish,save the implementation expenses for this and just cut the advertisements and I’ll be a happy camper.Paull’s comment is also exactly spot on,I’m sure these experts in the own lunchtime live in la la land.

  5. Foxtel… get your costs down,,, Do not charge subscribers to watch the Olympics or Commonwealth games… Do not have advertsising,,, I Do not pay to watch adds….. Get your act together with series links

    Foxtel… Please build the house before you paint it…

  6. Meanwhile people keep using IceTV and Windows Media Center which have both been Internet enabled forever.

    Headline should be “Foxtel iQ catches up by end of year to where competing products are now”.

  7. This is all well and good Kim Williams, but do you think you could get somebody, anybody who works for your company to stop sending me bills in credit, addressed to the previous owner of my house??

  8. What about actually fixing all the numerous problems that Foxtel’s monopolised iQ digital recorder service has, that they’re too cheap to spend money on.

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