Georgie Parker joins Home and Away

Gold Logie winner Georgie Parker is joining the cast of Home and Away.

Parker, who most recently appeared on City Homicide, will revive a former character -‘Roo’ (Ruth) Stewart, originally played by actress Justine Clarke.

As the daughter of Alf Stewart (Ray Meagher) she returns to Summer Bay after years of living abroad.

“I’m thrilled to be back at Channel Seven and to be part of Home and Away,” Parker said. “Working with Ray is a joy. We are having a fantastic time together. The whole cast and crew have been wonderful.”

Series Producer Cameron Welsh said: “We had such a positive reaction to Emily Symons’ return as Marilyn; we trust the fans will love having an original character such as ‘Roo’ back in the Bay. Securing Georgie Parker to bring her back to our screens is a real coup for the show.”

The role of ‘Roo’ was a sentimental favourite with viewers when portrayed by Justine Clarke from 1988-89, memorable for her romance with ‘Frank’ (Alex Papps) and resentment of ‘Ailsa’ (Judy Nunn). It helped make Clarke a favourite with Australian viewers.

Georgie Parker had 7 years at the helm of All Saints for the network, and another three in A Country Practice earlier. In recent years she has also appeared as both actress and presenter across Nine, TEN and the ABC in Scorched, The Society Murders, Stepfather of the Bride, Animal Emergency, Clever, Emerald Falls and Play School.

She has commenced filming on the series and will be on air later this year.


  1. Georgie from Con O Brien u fan in Dunmanway in Dunmanway Co.CORK IN Ireland.I wish u best of luck in u job and i am very sorry to hear about u healt.please email me when u get the chance.i am on skyp

  2. @John It depends on what you count as “one of her first”. She had been acting solidly for five years, had several years on A Country Practice, and a bag full of logies. Certainly more at the top of her game than she is, say, now.

  3. Agree with you Dee, haven’t they heard of typecasting? The best shows and movies are those with unknown faces as they are the most believable.

  4. Was Acropolis Now not one of her first tv outings?This is a step back,really it is.
    H&A is a great starting point as is Neighbours but this far in a career,i am dumbfounded.Mind you there is not a lot of choice around.As for the part of playing Roo,it does seem a little odd.She would be one of the most remembered characters as she had significant storylines at the beginning.Surely Georgie could have been the new “mum”?

  5. Ok Georgie is a good actress, but recycling all the ‘oldies’ from other shows is just boring. What about some New talent of the older age group … I’m sick of see Georgie Parker, Rebecca Gibney, Claudia Karvan, Lisa McCune and all of their ilk constantly regurgitated over and over.

  6. There’s a lot of actors that have appeared in both Home and Away and Play School.

    Alex Papps, Georgie Parker, Jay Laga’aia, Justine Clarke. Anyone else??

    And for those that are interested – Georgie has released one children’s music album, Justine has released three children’s albums and Jay has released two.

  7. Now that Martha gone off with Hugo ,it is a good time to
    bring back Roo .

    Roo fans are probably enjoying the early years of Home and
    Away on 7TWO, now is the time to catch up with Roo again .

    I would also like to know what Emma (Danielle Minogue ) is up to
    now .

    Also bring back Matilda (Indiana Evans ) and Henry Hunter ,(tobi Atkins)
    last we heard of them was that Henry was pursuing a dancing career and Matilda was over in Western Australia doing an university course .

  8. Showing your age there KFed. The difference is though KFed GP is far more established now than she was back then. She’s had two shows and at least two TV movies specifically written for her whereby she is the main character and now she is only some ensemble cast member, playing a recasted character on a sinking soap opera.

    I hope she gets paid a bundle, she really deserves it slumming it with the lot of H&A.

  9. PS: Anybody who is suggesting Georgie is slumming it on Home and Away clearly has a short memory – her tenure on Acropolis Now (another Seven publicity stunt) is nothing to brag about.

  10. Wow, Seven must be really scared about H&A ratings as this stunt casting just reeks of desperation. Though when on some nights you can’t break the magic million, lose to a third rate abomination ‘news’ programme and a pile of American garbage that has been recycled over and over you know the rot has set in.

    I like Georgie as an actress so it’s good to see her in full time work, but she really is better than this insipid soap.

  11. You know what people, we wont know what she will be like until we have actually seen her in the role. Until then i will wait to judge this. IMO its a bit of a stunt to bring viewers back to the show IMO because it is running 2nd to repeats of the worst show on TV, 2.5 Men.

    I think she is going to be a great addition to the cast and knowing what she is capable of as an actress i think this role will fit her like a glove but like i said dont judge something until you’ve seen it. Thats how i judge my shows unlike a lot of people who dont even bother watching because they dislike someone…

  12. Oh, as i have noted in the past, Justine Clarke is the only major actor from the early years that has never returned. (Except ofcourse those who had international careers, Danni, Craig, Julian.) So from that I would conclude that she dosn’t want to come back.

  13. Wow. This is the sort of stunt casting they have been doing on Young & the Restless this past year. It’s strange, but it might work. Certainly Georgie looks more like she could be Martha’s mother, than Justine does. They surley would have to be considering bringing Martha back now, at some stage. But if they were to bring back Alex Papps as Frank it wouldn’t work because of the age difference. They would have to recast him too. But hey it’ll be great to see two Logie winners as father and daughter. Bring it on!

  14. God; yet another switch. its stuff like this that makes me not watch Australian shows. they use the same actors and just toss them into every B-grade show we have, you see shows full of former Neighbours, H&A, All Saints, Blue heelers in the one program now :S I see it as very lazy and boring. But thankfully, I don’t watch any of them.

  15. I think Justine will always be Roo – but they couldn’t really have Justine as Roo now as she is Marthas mother and that would be as believale as Charlie being Ruby’s mother (Not!!!)

    At least Georgie resembles Jodi Gordon……..

  16. I’ve got nothing against Georgie, but it’s not Roo unless it’s Justine Clark. Also its odd that she returns just after Martha leaves. If they were going to recast Roo they should have done it while her daughter was still in town.

  17. Georgie Parker is a great actress, and it is good to see H&A bring in some quality cast with a background in acting. However, they should have created a new character for her, there is no need to bring back Roo if it is not possible for Justine Clarke to return.
    Would have been good to see Georgie Parker come in as a mother of a family who take over the caravan park, like a Tom and Pippa scenario.
    Are there even any familes left on H&A? I havent watched it on-going since everyone was accused of killing Josh the Mayor, and Irene was being poisoned by her lodger. From what I have seen in the random episodes, there is no two-parent all biological children family.

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