Gruen Nation: Aug 18

Presuming Wednesday’s schedule doesn’t get impacted by another Debate, it’s the last episode of Gruen Nation tomorrow (withThe Gruen Transfer returning next week).

On this week’s show:

· The campaign’s final punches, and a round-up of the whole bout…
· The best political ad ever. And the worst. (We’ve been saving both for this episode)…
· We show you tricks the parties use to get around the election blackout..
· The Pitch challenge: to make ads better than the ones we’re seeing in the campaign. This week: singalong ads for Labor and Liberal…
· And we also reveal, on national television, who Wil will vote for.

It airs 9pm Wednesday on ABC1.


  1. I think Hewson has come across as a try hard. Dropping in a bit of swearing to give himself a bit of street cred and slagging off his old party. Too easy.

  2. I reckon that EVB Sampson’s 1949 ad (which Gruen has shown a snippet of every week), will be considered the worst ever.

    And as for who Wil will vote for, he’ll either say the Australian Sex Party, or he’ll do a parody of Mark Latham’s 60 Minutes report.

  3. I reckon they should bring John Hewson back for a episode of regular Gruen. The election themed series has been a success, simply because there has never been anyone game enough to review election advertising.

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