Gruen Nation pitches best Greens ad yet

“The Pitch” is always one of the more enjoyable segments of The Gruen Transfer / Gruen Nation.

Last night one of the fake advertisements created for The Greens was so darned impressive, it beats the real thing they are currently running.

The ad was created by jointly by Eran Thomson a Director at The Colony who co-wrote the ad with Ben Peacock from advertising agency Republic of Everyone which notes on its website, “Whether green, ethical, health or fitness, we help companies build sustainability credentials and NGOs create positive change.”

UPDATED: Greens spokeswoman Ebony Bennett confirmed the party had contacted Republic of Everyone and the ABC requesting to use the advertisement. The ABC will not allow it be used during the campaign, stating it owns the rights and the “ABC can’t provide one side’s advertising”. Source:


Here’s the official one for the Australian Greens.



  1. Secret Squïrrel

    @Paull & S: I agree, the Greens aren’t fit to run the country but we (society) will have to make some hard decisions about what sort of world we’d like to live in. Back to TV…

  2. Just curious. But if the ABC own the ad. how can it have the greens logo in it?
    Maybe political party logos are public domain or maybe we have fair use laws (im not sure).

    Also not sure why the greens cant hire the ad firm surely they own the idea of the ad?

  3. @Paull @SS.. Sorry I can’t resist… I had this exact situation yesterday… At a pub in Sydney yesterday afternoon… There were at least 8 x 2KW heaters in the outdoor area… Heating only 3 people… Yet the greens want my grandmother to replace her incandesant light globe to save the planet..!! give me a break.. focus on business and commercials… oh no.. they fight back… That is why the greens are a joke…

    Sorry David… The show (Gruen) was awesome, as shown by the ratings (No 1 show)… and it just shows all political parties should sack all their advisors and all their advertising companies…!!!

  4. It was a spectacular ad, and quite suitable for the Greens, as what they’re about is emotions.. .what you’d like. They will never run the land, all they can ever be is a conscience, and sometimes a control. This ad appealed to that perfectly. What a shame they can’t use it.

    Oh, I vote Green.

  5. It was a great ad that was produced, however, it was very shallow in terms of the issues and views expressed, including the overall message of those who “think”. But in terms of marketing, it would do very well for the Greens and be on par with those who believe in Greens politics.

  6. @Secret Squïrrel: The problem with the Greens is, they’re a people pleasing party. They have a lot of ideas, ideas which reflect the general mood of western society (climate change, gay marriage, tv shows starting on time etc..) but they don’t really have the means, or methods to put these policies into practice.

    I’m not saying climate change isn’t an issue that should be taken seriously, I think it should, but it needs to be balanced with people’s lives- where they live and how they live. The same with their general environmental policies- Although it would be nice to not see forests and other bushlands ruined, there does come a point where it’s a choice between providing a home for people (ie cutting down a forest in order to create a better and more humane processing centre for refugees, rather than allowing them to overcrowd in existing infrastructure) or a home for trees. I choose people over trees, animals and other livings things, with the greens, I question whether they actually would.

  7. Worth a look – on the Gruen Twitter ( they discuss how the Greens would not be able to use the ad, as ABC commissioned it and can’t be seen to take sides.

  8. Perhaps you should post the anti-Green ad as well David, for the balance of fairness. I know the anti-Green ad symbolised why i would never vote for the Greens, and was quite effective as well.

  9. Secret Squïrrel

    @Paull: If you can look a little bit further than the end of your nose you might realise that, in a very real sense, your life and the lives of your children, do depend on much of what the Greens stand for being put into practice by somebody – and fairly soon. Whatever its cause, climate change (and resource depletion) are happening now, and we need to move out of the denial phase and start changing our behaviour. Unfortunately, this is unlikely to occur with the majority of the population unless driven from the top.

  10. Both the ads were good, but the first pro-Greens ad was excellent. The Greens need to start running that ad ASAP.

    The con-Greens ad was also good and probably would have been better if they’d picked either Labor or Liberal as the party behind the ad (since it was difficult for them to simply trash the policies of the Greens without actually saying what the alternative was).

  11. Admittedly, the second team last night had the harder task but that first ad for the Greens was very impressive – simple, emotive, positive. I rewound my pvr to watch it again and I agree it’s much better than the party’s real ad! (Doesn’t Gillard own copyright on moving forward?)

  12. Agreed, the fake ad is much more believable. And stop using “moving forward”! Those words mean less and less each day.

    Maybe the Greens should capitalize on this and make it their official campaign ad!

  13. I am impressed with mock ad…. very powerful in comparison to the real one by the greens…. congrats to those who produced it!! it really makes you think!

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