Iron Chefs simmer

Shine Australia is said to be on the hunt for potential Iron Chef challengers to do battle with Australian chefs in a local format adaptation.

The Australian reports chefs Neil Perry and Guy Grossi confirmed last week they are in discussions with Shine Australia to become part of the Iron Chef Australia team.

“We are just having the conversation at the moment,” Grossi says. “They’ve spoken to my agent, but we think it would be a good thing to be involved in, yes.”

Christine Manfield is another name being hinted at.

Shine’s spokeswoman Julie Ward says she can neither confirm nor deny the three names.

To begin production at Melbourne’s Docklands soon, the series is yet to be officially announced by a network, but Seven has been reported as the network concerned.

As well as more My Kitchen Rules, it is also in production on Conviction Kitchen, which features Ian Curley, who three kitchens and multiple menus at “The European”, “The Supper Club” and the Melbourne rooftop venue “Siglo”.

Source: The Australian


  1. The problem with remakes is when they are done the tone is changed and it loses it charm. Take the news I heard about Sam Worthington could be in a Commando remake and I think will make an serious and get rid of the over the top and tongue in cheek which was the appeal of the whole film. I think the same will happen here

  2. Nicholas Lawrence

    I agree with Pete and Kylie, what made Iron Chef great was that it was uniquely Japanese with dodgy American dubbing. Now Shi… sorry Shine Australia is going to ruin it.

  3. oh FFS….again, we are fed a diet of reborn pap. The Original Iron Chef was shot in Japan in the mid 1990’s. Check those 3 chip ikegami cameras !!!

    It’s is such a shame the writers of original TV material in this country are not given a voice, instead the soft c0ck network “executives” and I use the term Very loosely, prefer a safe haven format and concept. shame networks shame. destined to fail.

    Buy local product from local writers. It should be legislated.

  4. Never going to work!

    The thing about the original Iron Chef that makes it so fabulous is the Translations, weird ingredients and the whole Japanese game show premise.

    Why does Everything need to be remade????? Nothing beats the original!

  5. Bad idea. There is only one Iron Chef and that’s the way I like it (Nobody should count the US spin-off). I wish Iron Chef was on DVD because it’s a great show.

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