Jane Badler to return to V

Actress Jane Badler is set to appear in V 27 years after her cult role as Diana, the villainess deputy in the alien miniseries.

Badler will reappear as Diana, the mother of Anna (Morena Baccarin) in a recurring role for the second series.

Fans of V have been championing her return since the remake was first floated, due to her impact in the 1980s series.

Badler, who has been living in Australia, has most recently been seen as a soapie bitch in Neighbours (also named Diana in tribute). Two weeks ago she appeared at a sci-fi forum at the Australian Centre for the Moving Image where she told fans she had to ‘audition’ for the role by sending a video to the US to prove she “still had it.” No doubt those Neighbours scenes came in handy.

After freely admitting there have been many quiet years, it’s great to see her in demand once again.

She heads off for a long stint in the US this week.

Source: TV Guide, SciFi


  1. Good News.. I met her briefly at a Con years ago and she signed my V soundtracks (which had a picture of Diana on it). I wonder if she will be swallowing anymore Guinea Pigs like she did in the original?

  2. Woo hoo!

    Jane is a great actress and she’ll be the best thing on the new V.

    Can’t wait to see her as Diana again….just keep her away from the rats though!

  3. Oh. Now suddenly V may be worth watching for the big D’s return.

    I wonder if she still has a taste for rats?

    Maybe they’ll be saving a re creation of that infamous shot?

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