Justice Crew sign to Sony

Australia’s Got Talent champions Justice Crew are turning their attention to music after being signed to Sony Music Australia.

Their debut single “And Then We Dance” is slated for release on August 27th followed by a DVD in late September.

The 9-member, multicultural act consists of Lukas Wildrok, Omar Kamara, Samson Cosray Smith, Solo Tohi, Len John Ruela Pearce, John Len Ruela Pearce, Emmanuel Rodriguez, Paul Eric Merciadez and Anastasios Tass Repousis.

Despite winning $250,000 from AGT the troupe run free dance workshops and classes in Sydney. “Little Justice,” a group of 5 – 9 year old graduates, are competing in the LA World Hip Hop competition.

They make regular appearances in Sydney and will appear in Brisbane next week.

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