Kylie on America’s Got Talent

Kylie Minogue performed her new single “Get Outta My Way” on America’s Got Talent to a frenzied crowd.

Entertainment Weekly said of her performance: Kylie didn’t just perform any old thing — she performed “Get Outta My Way,” a jam that I think has the potential to be a late-summer/early-fall smash, if it can rumble up in radio play. (I’ve had the song on repeat since her new album hit in July. Literally, it has been played more than 1,000 times on all my Apple products. I just checked.)



  1. @Karl Well looks like Kylie has learnt a valuable lesson, the grammy award winning song ‘Toxic’ by Britney was given to Kylie first but she didn’t want it.

  2. Get Outta My Way is definitely the stand out track on the album. Apparantley Britney Spears was trying to secure it for her next album, but Kylie got to it first.

    I hope it takes off for her over there in the US.

  3. oh dear I love Kylie and love the album, but that clip makes her look like one of those American cougars – she doesn’t need to go down that path – even if she is a cougar!!

  4. Fabulous performance – I find it hard to believe that America hasn’t fallen for her over all these years, she’s the perfect popstar & since 1987 she’s rained pop surpreme – now That’s talent!!
    Love the video footage in the background too & the shoes are lush 🙂

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