Margaret and David rock it out

If you missed the last episode of Yes We Canberra! then you missed Margaret Pomeranz ‘playing’ guitar and David Stratton on saxophone.

Almost as good as Joan Kirner and David White on The Late Show.

The At the Movies stars were happy to play along with the Chaser boys who used their set instead of Lateline‘s, at the earlier time of 9:30pm.

Both appeared at the top of the show in their ‘offstage attire.’ By the looks of things they a re clearly earning ABC salaries….

Nine’s Michael Usher also made an appearance in a sketch parodying hs Virtual Parliament House, until he was removed by a “real usher.”


  1. I really enjoyed this series.

    When or will online views be counted towards Viewer numbers? since I watched a number of ABC eps with iview (this could/should be counted towards total viewers….

  2. I think it was a strong return block of eps; they were really at their best with election content and the clever device of warm up act for Lateline, and then At the Movies. Clever Clever guys and a well executed set of sight gags and gotchas of pollies. More comedy please – anybody!

  3. As an ordinary Aussie citizen, viewer & taxpayer, I just loved the Chasers return as *Yes We Canberra* !! Brilliant satire.
    The appearance of Margaret & David was fun.

  4. David and margret. The best movies reviewers in the world.
    I watched it last night. (26th aug) And the movie show wasn’t on. They had review with Edmon styles. Or what ever his name is. I think i might have caught an “encore” performance.

  5. Gee! I wonder whether they were attempting to say something about Sky News’ election coverage? Those clips made Seven’s election night look good!

  6. gonna miss those guys. let’s hope abc takes their heads out of their…. and gives them their show back… or that they sign with the comedy channel for new shows.

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