Mark Latham files for 60 Minutes

Anything John Hewson can do on Gruen Nation, Mark Latham can do… better?

That remains to be seen. But we’ll find out next week when the former ALP leader files a story for 60 Minutes.

Latham, who was frequently confronting journalists and cameramen many years ago, interviewed Bob Brown yesterday before observing a press conference.

“Having been there himself, Mark’s intimate knowledge of campaigning will give our viewers an honest, unvarnished insight into what’s really happening because for all the talk of realness it’s all turned a bit unreal,” a statement from the network said.

But of course decent journalism is never about the interviewer, but the subject. Is that how this one will be pitched to us all?

It airs on August 15.

Source: The Age


  1. Disgraceful Channel 9. I’m glad Laurie Oakes had the guts to say how digraceful his network and 60 Minutes were to cross the line and do this sort of stunt. Shameful.

  2. Just remember – this is the guy that many of the current Labor Party voted as their leader, including Ms Gillard. He hasn’t changed from then to what he is now! Oh, that’s right, we can’t talk about the past. Is this the old Mark Latham or the new Mark Latham? Same as now, they’s all the same.

  3. 1 word sums this man up and thats Wanker!

    As for Channel 9 this is low even for them. Although it makes me think now that the boss overthere is a liberal supporter. Why else would he let this person onto 60 minutes?

  4. 60 Minutes has now hit rock bottom. Mark Latham crashing Gillard’s visit was just pathetic and embarrassing. And 60 Minutes is just as pathetic and embarrassing by getting Latham. Shame 60 Minutes. Shame.

  5. What are you thinking ? Mark Latham ? 60 Minutes has just found its lowest point . What a shame for the talented and responsible journalists that deliver such high standards . Count me out .

  6. 60 Minutes has an identity crisis – thinks its Australian Story with guest presenter or 4 Corners with specialist investigative reporter. It is clearly neither, and heading down the wrong road with this ridiculous turn. Latham is obnoxious, boorish, biased and I am not sure both his ‘oars are in the water’. The media circus gets another exhibit for the freak show.

  7. Oh please, this is ridiculous! This man does not deserve such a public role, he ruined his chance after releasing ‘Mark Latehm Diaries’ aka ‘I’m right and the whole world is against me’.

  8. It looks like they are all coming out of the woodwork, Hewson and now him. I wonder who will be next to try to get some celebrity out of this election.

  9. Wait for it, Latham threatens Gillard (over his presence on her campaign trail) over working for channel 9.
    Yes I don’t know anything about that, Mark! But I did use you as a step ladder.

  10. I’m too young to remember John Hewson in politics so the first time I saw him was on Gruen Nation and I love him. I cannot believe that this guy used to be a politician. He’s so honest, funny and not full of s**t! He’s just really down to earth.

  11. My monies on Latham playing more commentator than interviewer,how anybody can be objective when they have a chip on their shoulder the size of a log beats me.

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