MasterChef website racks up 48m page views

Page views for MasterChef Australia reached 48 million this year, an increase of 32 per cent on 2009.

MasterChef Australia wasn’t only a hit on air, but a hit online with bumper results for the show’s official website.

Page views for the season reached 48 million, an increase of 32 per cent over last year’s numbers, reports The Australian.

Video views rose by 44 per cent this year to 13.1 million, according to data from Omniture.

There were 233,000 fans on Facebook.

Twitter saw eliminations and invention tests become top trending topics worldwide.

But TEN’s chief digital media officer Nick Spooner would not comment on what proportion of the show’s revenue was generated online.

“The dwell time on the site is nearly 22 minutes, which goes to show the audience is seeking not only that extension of the brand online but they’re also consuming a huge amount of video,” he said.

Attention will next turn to Junior MasterChef. Some kids have been (incorrectly) contacting TV Tonight to beg for an audition for the show, firstly when the Audition call went out, and secondly when the first promo aired last week. No prizes for guessing there will probably be a third spike once the show is on air.

Source: The Australian

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  1. Would TEN’s chief digital media officer Nick Spooner like to comment about the fact that the MC forums crashed completely on the night of the final and stayed down for the next 36 hours? Nothing, not a zip on the forums until the Tuesday after the final. Not happy Nick!

  2. That would be a pretty big slice of revenue i rekon, they have so many sponsers online that they don’t have on tv. Those are massive numbers and i would love to know how they stacked up against the most visited site in australia.

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