Meet our Iron Chefs

As tipped earlier this week, Rockpool’s Neil Perry and Melbourne Restaurateur Guy Grossi will become two of the Iron Chef experts, when the show premieres on Seven.

The third will be Bennelong’s Guillaume Brahimi.

The show is hoped to capitalise on culinary interest driven by MasterChef‘s amateur cooks.

“This engages the industry on a higher level. It is professional versus professional,” he told the Herald Sun.

“Giving professional chefs the chance to come on TV will allow Australia to see the great diversity this country has in professional cooking.”

The international format to be produced by Shine Australia pits Grossi, Perry and Brahimi against up-and-coming professional cooks to create four unique dishes in an hour.

It will be filmed in Melbourne.

Source / photo: Herald Sun


  1. I’ll be staying loyal to Masterchef as well. No cooking show will ever top it IMO, no other cooking show will have the whole of Australia watching.

  2. Here is my idea of who should be who –
    Host – Id like to see Huey as he is charismatic but it wont happen… Probably Matt Moran would be great as the host needs to be charismatic. Matt Preston would be a fanastic chioce. Just please… not Pete Evans. And no celebrities or actors, make the show about the food! Australia will never turn it into what Japan does!

    Commentators – I think host should be main commentator, two guest celebrities (even politicians, not necessary only seven cast) and a regular food critic or chef.

    Judges – I think the commentators should be the judges/tasters, to make it like japan and have a billion people on the show would not work well here.

    I am very excited but I dont think Australia will make it work, I really hope that it works. I think it would have been great if we had iron chefs who specialised however, e.g. maybe that man on sbs who does vietnamese food, he could be a vietnamese iron chef (or asian iron chef) and then a mediterranean (or just italian) and then I dont know… middle eastern?

  3. 7 are going to stuff this one up I’m sure…. but interested to find out who’ll be the ‘host’ (if they do) and if they’ll eat the capsicum too!

  4. Can’t wait for this one. I think it could be a good summer fare if Seven puts it in a suitable timeslot (preferably not on Saturday nights when the original Iron Chef is on SBS). It will be interesting to see who will be the Chairman, the main commentator, and the floor reporter.

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