Minute to Win it gives away $500,000

A 28 year old landscaper has won a whopping $500,000 on Seven’s new game show Minute to Win It.

Grant Nelson from Oyster Bay, bagged the loot by bouncing two ping pong balls into two glasses simultaneously.

Nelson had triumphed through a run of simplistic games that saw him throwing cards at watermelons, balancing ping pong balls on tape measures and more.

With a guaranteed $250,000 in the bank he played on for $500,000 but failed at his first two attempts. With just 23 seconds remaining Nelson successfully bounced two ping pong balls into two glasses at the same time, causing the studio audience to erupt with glee.

“It’s something I didn’t plan to come and do. I love playing games. I can’t believe it,” an elated Nelson said.

“I haven’t got a cent to my name at the moment. I don’t know what to do with myself. I’m going to be very wise with it. I won’t be blowin’ it too much.”

But with no lives remaining he wisely chose not to compete for the show’s top prize of $1,000,000, which would have seen his prize slip back to $250,000 had he lost.

The huge cash prize is one of the biggest in Australian television history -five times more than the cash offered to the winner of MasterChef Australia, and double the money for So You Think You Can Dance and Australia’s Got Talent.

Tonight a Hot Seat winner also walked away with $100,000.

The prize win is good news for Seven’s new show, which has had big competition against MasterChef and can certainly benefit from the publicity as it seeks to build an audience.


  1. I watch this show for a laugh but I would like to say to the editors, re-watch your work after your done. After the half a mil was won they bought out the next contestant and he was standing there talking to the host with his hand on his hip and I thought what is that balck band on his waist, it changed angles and alas the black band was gone, I was beginning to wonder if I had lost my marbles and next thing I know on two separate instances he has a balck band around his waist.

    So are we to believe this is just an editing error or have they gone and edited parts of the show/re-filmed to make it more interesting, did Grant genuinely win the half a million dollars? I’m sorry but I can’t help but question the whole of this show now after that considering he was talking at the time the black band disappeared.

  2. As Mitchell and Webb once noted: “You can’t give a million dollars to an idiot – that’s what the lottery’s for.”

    Alas, the lottery no longer has an exclusive hold over that role…

  3. Happened to switch over just in time to see Mr. Headband win the half mil and was amused to see how excited he was (okay, I would be too) but by the end of the program was disturbed at the pelvic thrusting going on with the ‘use the banana to get the orange into the hoop’ routine. No, wait, the beige loafers being worn by the contestant were worse. Z Grade entertainment.

  4. Nelson had triumphed through a run of simplistic games that saw him throwing cards at watermelons, balancing ping pong balls on tape measures and more.

    Key word there is simplistic, can’t believe people watch this show.

  5. I watched the first couple of minutes of this show, and after watching a guy use a tape measure to put a ball in a glass, I couldn’t handle anymore and turned over to Top Gear.

    Minute to Win is the pits.

  6. Brilliant. A game show that gives bogans who wouldn’t stand a chance on a regular knowledge-based game show big money for doing dumb simple tasks, to make them think they’re geniuses.

    Well, this and Deal Or No Deal.

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