Queensland wins Terra Nova production

It’s official. Terra Nova is Queensland-bound.

The 13-part dinosaur series series to be produced by Steven Spielberg will be largely filmed at the Gold Coast’s Warner Roadshow Studios. His last epic, The Pacific, was filmed in Victoria and Queensland.

FOX Television executive vice president of production Jim Sharp said Queensland provided the best of all possible worlds for filming.

“Queensland had the right look, climate and terrain, a vibrant production community and attractive economic incentives,” Mr Sharp said.

“We are very excited to be shooting our first production there.”

The confirmation follows a report last week that producers were considering Louisiana, Hawaii and Orlando (although there may yet be additional locations).

Last week the Media Entertainment and Arts Alliance settled a concern with the FOX network which would have seen Australian actors paid at a local union rate, which is much lower than the standard Offshore productions rate. Negotiations are continuing over Overtime, Night Loadings and Travel arrangements for actors.

With a total production budget as high as $150m, the news on a Queensland locale is a win for the State government.

Premier Anna Bligh said, “My government provided considerable incentives through Screen Queensland to secure this production which, in turn, will generate in excess of $54 million in economic activity and create thousands of jobs.”

The series starring Jason O’Mara (Life on Mars) will premiere in 2011 to be directed by Alex Graves (The West Wing, Ally McBeal) and Jon Cassar (24).

Shooting is expected to begin in October.

Source: Brisbane Times


  1. Of course a few weeks ago I’m at work and here that 1.5 kilometers down the road they are filming something at the falls…..now I find out it’s Terra Nova, I wish I Used my brain and tried to sneak onto the set. It would’ve been incredible.

  2. i just came from Cedar creek falls at Mt Tamborine and there was a sign there saying that park will be closed on 24th November due to Terra Nova productions filming a TV series there!!

  3. Im sure I read somewhere that FOX have pushed back the series to air September 2011 to give producers the most amout of time they need to make sure this looks the very best it can… but will air the Pilot in May next year like they did with Glee to whet peoples appetites…

  4. I still wish they’d make a Jurassic Park Series.

    I have said this before and i’ll say it again.

    Do 13 episode season in the style of premium cable shows.

    Do a season or two which are prequels. Leading up to all the corporate espionage, copetition, to developing the dinosaurs on site B. To the learning and all the problems with it. To what goes into the background of that world. To then having the first film happen out of the series. Show it from a different perspective then start right up and forget the sequels. Would be the best ever if done right. Corporate and political intrigue. Science fiction, monsters, action, drama. Would have everything!

  5. @chk chk and merlin.
    it is produced by 20th fox, but the recent articles about the fox spoils said that this will not be distributed by fox. so it will probably be anyones for the taking, i’d say it will end up on foxtel like most shows in this situation.

  6. Yes, great news for the local industry as long as you don’t work for, or aspire to, be anything other than a lackey for the yanks.

    I notice the MEAA makes a fuss about actors etc. but anyone notice where the Directors come from? And I bet the DOPS and Production Designers etc. All I can rant about are the Directors as I am one – and I, and many more experienced than I, will not even get a look-in. It’s pathetic.

    The MEAA and the Government should at least require Aussie Directors being given an attachment in return for their ‘favours’. But no, plenty of work if you’re a runner, nothing if you Direct.

  7. This is very good news i am so happy that Australia has won the production and i can’t wait to see it so i guess channel 10 will pick it up and hopefully it is in a decent timeslot.

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