Renewed: Wipeout (US)

Good news for Nine with the ABC network giving Wipeout the greenlight for a fourth series.

The next round of the Endemol-produced series will feature two new obstacle courses, including a fresh “motivator” for the infamously difficult Big Balls, the classic sweeper with a new twist and obstacles such as the Lawn Mower and the Sky Scraper Slide.

Creator and executive producer Matt Kunitz said, “I’m excited that a fourth season will give our team the opportunity to create bigger and funnier ways to wipe out contestants and thrill families across America.”

Nine has aired three versions of Wipeout on GO!: US, UK and Australian.

Last night a repeat episode pulled 163,000 viewers at 5:30pm.

Source: Hollywood Reporter


  1. this show rates better for ABC during the summer than most of their 8:00 scripted shows during the ratings year. i think this year ABC will be puling this out when something goes wrong, and a lot of their shows (especially the 8:00 ones) have flop written all over it.

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