Returning: Drop Dead Diva

Brooke Elliott returns with a new season of Drop Dead Diva on GO! next month.

In the first episode Paula Abdul plays a judge in a fantasy sequence. A week later Ricki Lake will appear.

And of course there is the rather fab Margaret Cho across the series.

Having agreed to resign after her breach of confidentiality exposed a client’s multimillion-dollar insurance fraud, Jane Bingum must now steel herself for a lunch with Ethan, the man claiming to be her husband. While picking up her final paycheck, Jane is reminded of her pro bono case for 8-year-old Jackie Williams and her mom, Wanda, whose insurance company is refusing to pay for a heart operation it deems experimental. Though she encourages them to find a lawyer who isn’t facing disbarment, one look at Jackie is all Jane needs to take the case. And while Jane has decided not to contest her disbarment, when boyfriend Tony Nicastro agrees to represent her, she changes her mind. So when Tony unexpectedly shows up during her lunch with Ethan, Jane struggles to keep each man’s identity a secret from the other.

Updated: It returns Tuesday, September 21 at 7.30pm on GO!


  1. David, did GO! realise people were peeved off that the finale of The Bachelorette was not going to be on and they rescheduled DDD or did you make a mistake ?

  2. Advanced guides have the Bachelorette on at that time, and GO’s facebook page also says The Bachelorette will be on then as well. Maybe DDD is meant to be on at 8.30 Spet 14th, or Tue 21st or even on the new channel?

  3. I am glad this show is back….I also thought it had been axed…glad it was not….and I agree with Bella and others…..hope they find a regular slot and do not keep moving it around….i go soooo sick of chasing it around last time and missed some episodes because of the constant moving…..

  4. That’s about right, I just started ‘watching’ S2 after holding off and now GO! decides to start airing it… oh well knowing how they have gone lately I wouldn’t be surprised if it gets replaced with a movie before the 14th!

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