Returning: Sunday Night, Bumped: Dancing with the Stars, Bones, Castle

Seven's Sunday Night will return one week before the nation votes, which bumps Dancing with the Stars to a 7:30pm start.

Seven has announced Sunday Night will return from Sunday August 15 at 6.30pm.

The show was in hiatus when the PM announced the Federal Election, but resumes one week before the nation goes to the polls, with Mike Munro and Chris Bath plus Ross Coulthart, Rhani Sadler and Alex Cullen.

In his MediaWeek podcast, News boss Peter Meakin also signalled the show would also be fulltime for 2011.

Executive Producer Mark Llewellyn said: “We’ve got a cupboard bursting full of stories to amuse, amaze and spark argument amongst our audience. As Julia Gillard would say ‘Game on!’”

The move will push Dancing with the Stars to a 7:30pm start. Bones repeats are at 9:45pm and Castle 10:45pm. Air Crash Investigations is out.

In the first episode back, Alex Cullen travels to New York to meet Lizzie Velasquez, a 21-year-old who has almost zero percent body fat due to one of the world’s rarest body conditions that prevents her from gaining weight, despite eating up to 60 meals a day. Could this tiny 21-year-old hold the key to the world’s obesity crisis?

Also reporter Jamie Durie ventures into Yellow Stone National Park on the trail of the biggest and most dangerous bears in the world – Grizzly Bears. With their natural habitat diminishing some are now hunting humans for their survival. Durie interviews the woman who this week miraculously survived a Grizzly gnawing on her arm by pretending to be dead.

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  1. The story on Yellowstone and the grizzlys will have me tuning into SN for the first time. Good timing as well as a group of grizzlys just recently attacked a group of campers in Yellowstone killing one of them.

  2. It takes 2 and a half hours for a dozen couples to dance for about 60 seconds each, seriously, what do they do in the other 2 hours? Have that weird Todd guy rant on endlessly about meaningless topics?

  3. @tomothy. this is the semi-final it is usually scheduled for 2 hours. but i remember the last 2 years this episode has been a race to squeeze it all in and both times has ended up finishing around 20mins late. looks like this year they have just thrown in the towel on it and extended it 30mins.

    it could also be because they want to sabotage the premier of offspring as much as possible. with competition from bones(R) and CSI it would have had pretty much a free ride. but now offspring ratings will really have to be earned. i’d say there is a conflict of target audience there.

  4. Does Dancing with the Stars really need to go for 2.5hours?? If they cut the time wasting rubbish it should go for no longer than 1 hour. I dont remember it ever going that lat this far in when it was on Tuesdays except for the premieres and finales.

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