Returning: The Secret Millionaire. Gone: CSI: Miami

Nine is bringing back its feelgood series where the rich folk give something back to the little folk.

Season Two of The Secret Millionaire will premiere at 9:30pm Monday August 23rd. That’s the same night as TEN has the similarly themed, Undercover Boss.

The move replaces CSI: Miami (Sydney, Brisbane) and The Mentalist rpt (Melb).

In an all new season, Carly Crutchfield, 29, is a multi-million dollar property developer who leaves her beachside home in Sydney and goes undercover to help the disadvantaged.

Based on a UK format, The Secret Millionaire has been narrated by Russell Crowe.


  1. I love watching secret millionaire i guess seeing christian cooking his meal with a bottle of beer was a turn of when your on a pension grog is not on the shopping list espically when you only live on a short amount, Tuff is when you dont get a full amount of pension and when your counting on child support and it doesnt go in the account is shocking to show even thoe a millionaire is passing out the bucks to help others yes he was good in a sense of helping them rhonda giving a helping hand to tony’s house that i liked that and when he gave support there it ment he was helping all the young ones for a better life in tony’s house. And me being a person who has struggle through cancer with no support and having my house broken into and just sitting back watching christian going into a organisation place where they help people with vouchers and meet there needs was good cause there isnt a place that im aware of in brissy so i wish i had a secret millionaire at times thats my wish.

  2. The CSI Miami episode that aired in Perth last Monday was the Season 8 finale – What an episode!!

    Bring on Season 9! It begins in the US in October! Hope 9 don’t drag their heels…….

  3. ten dosen’t come out of this looking good. while 9 are airing an similar Australian factual in a low profile 9:30 slot. ten are using one of the biggest timeslots of the week to air an import version.

    9 have a lot of factuals in their sched now. the flame seems to have been passed from 7 which now have very few factuals.

  4. Update: Checked with Nine. “The Past, The Present and Murder” was pulled for The Mentalist rpts. Now the only CSI: NY is 10:30 rpts for Syd / Bris.

    As for Perth…. there are reasons why the Nine amendments are always Syd / Mel / Bris because these are PBL-owned. WIN don’t send me amendments for Ade / Per. For the most part they are identical, but there may be changes where sport intercedes. My understanding is Perth will see CSI: Miami / Footy Class next week then Secret Mill / Footy Class on Aug 23, same as Melb.

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