Returning: Vampire Diaries, Gossip Girl. Airdate: Hellcats, Ladette to Lady USA

GO! steps up the fastracking with new and returning series set to roll from mid September, including a rescheduled date for Gossip Girl.

Monday 7.30PM – Sept 13

The Vampire Diaries
Monday 8.30pm – Sept 13
Season 2 direct from the U.S

Ladette to Lady USA
Monday 9.30pm – Sept 13

Gossip Girl
Monday 10.30pm – Sept 13
Series 3


  1. Yes good news i will give Hellcats a go and can’t wait for The Vampire Diaries but i would have thought Nikita will be on at 9.30 but i guess it will be on Tuesday or Thursday.

  2. well look what I found –

    looks like Nikita might be shown on the primary channel after all!

  3. The fully justified complaints people currently make about GO, they’ll also end up making about Ten’s Eleven channel, when Ten see it as a lucrative source of
    new ad revenue, so will also then start messing around with shows not pulling in enough ratings.

  4. It would be interesting to see, not just from Nine but now from the other networks, if the networks read these forums and how quickly people get tired of the way things are done and run

    A year ago we praised GO as refreshing and exciting – now we seem to dislike the channel and are very wary everything they announcing a screening date.

    I hope TEN are looking at this as a “how not to run a digital multichannel”

  5. Remember people. Out of all those shows, Gossip Girl was onsold to Foxtel before GO! existed, so Nine only gets the rights, once Foxtel has aired it. Even then, there is a certain amount of time after that before they can show it too.

  6. Wasn’t Nikita supposed to get that 9:30pm slot, ladette to lady doesn’t fit with the rest of the line up. People will switch off and gossip girl will suffer.

  7. Nikita has been advertised heavily as coming to mondays for quite a while. how will it fit in?
    although this is the channel that left “wednesdays this fall” in the promo for Hellcats (and ended with “coming to mondays” lol) and took atleast 2 week for them to take it out.

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