Rob Palmer steals Dancing with the Stars win

Better Homes and Gardens‘ Rob Palmer has won the tenth series of Dancing with the Stars.

Palmer and Alana Patience defeated singer Tamara Jaber and partner Carmelo Pizzino.

Photographer Alex Fevola and Arsen Kishishian were eliminated earlier in the night.

“I don’t know what to say,” said a gushing Palmer.

” “It’s the best fun you can ever had. I’ll be lost without it. There’ll be a huge whole where this competition used to be.

“It’s a ride, it’s a full on ride. If you could harness this and put it in a theme park and pay money to get on it you’d make a fortune.”

Both Palmer and Jaber scored perfect 10s for dances on the night, with Jaber totalling 84 points over Palmer’s 77.

Palmer’s surprise win follows the judges branding Jaber the best dancer the show had seen across its 10 seasons. But the judges also noted his improvement across the series.

Jaber’s performance comes at a time when her personal life has been in turmoil following a marriage break up with Kyle Sandilands. But she told viewers the contest helped her focus on the demands of the contest.  She is determined to keep up her renewed dancing skills.

Despite the sudden exit of David Wirrpanda this season, its highlights have included appearances by Kylie Minogue and Pamela Anderson. Ratings this season have hovered around 1.36m, a long way from earlier seasons which had another million to boot. But under hosts Daniel MacPherson and Sonia Kruger it continues to help deliver Seven solid Sunday night audiences which is an accomplishment after ten seasons.

Palmer is the sixth Seven Network star to win the dancing contest.


  1. @ all… Do you really think a Ch9 or Ch10 personality would win this.? Well as they have none involved it’s either a 7 person or a sports person… so get real and accept the reality of life…

  2. While i agree Tamara is the better dancer and could have won, I thought Rob was great. Still yet another ch 7 personality has won making me question how the process really works.

    In any case, tamara has really grown on me in fact she surprised me with her personality and her strength. Well done Tamara. You got a new fan in me.

  3. You’d expect a trained singer / dancer like Tamara to get perfect scores and entertain us the most, however Rob nailed the dance moves and outshone her with his personality. He is a natural entertainer and totally deserved the win. I hope both of their careers explode from this. And who cares that Rob is a channel 7 personality. Props to the channel for fostering and showcasing talented entertainers!

  4. so glad Rob won – a great personality and character – the tears in Alana’s eyes in a tape package said it all – great pair and endearing – not sure Tamara inspired that – the final vote seems to support it. I thought the produccers and hosts and judges made too much of her marriage woes – it backfired – the true battler won and good on him – what a loveable rogue

  5. I’m happy Rob won, He just improved each week and what a pleasure he is to watch. Luv him !!
    Yes, Tamara was the best dancer and I’m sure she will move on with her career.
    Well done Ch 7. Great show.

  6. @Taz, the judges did give tamara quite a clear lead last night.

    one thng i’ve never liked about the format of the grand final is that the person that comes 3rd effectively wastes their 2nd dance because they are eliminated before they do it, and it usually the better one. last year with kylie and this year with Alex’s circus dance were so good, kylie might have won last year if it was included.
    they should just annound 3rd, 2nd 1st at the en of the show.

  7. I knew people would go on about a channel 7 personality winning again. I am so glad Rob won, had Tamara won then I thought it would have been rigged like it was in Kyle’s contract for her to do so. Hey she lasted longer than I expected.. must of been a reason!

  8. Look at last year. Adam Brand won and couldnt dance to save hiself. But his personality was great and people take that on board to.

    I admit Tamara should have won as she was the better dancer but Rob was just infectious when you watched him. He just loved it and his comments that would come out of his mouth were hilarious. Its good to see a tradie win a dancing comp.

  9. Jaber was by far the better Dancer and Fevola the most improved. Could not believe it when Palmer was declared winner.

    The judges truly have lost all credibilty as far as I’m concerned….Tamara was ‘robbed’…literally!

  10. Rob was great, a deserving winner. Tamara was excellent too, she is a great personality i hope there is a job for her at 7 sometime, i would watch anything with tamara.

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