Round 2: SKY News to air new Gillard / Abbott forum

Here we go again. Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have agreed to a public forum this Wednesday night which will air exclusively on SKY News.

Julia Gillard and Tony Abbott have agreed to a public forum this Wednesday night in a forum organised by The Daily Telegraph.

To again be hosted by SKY News Political Editor David Speers The People’s Forum will air exclusively on SKY News.

The town hall-style public forum will take place at Rooty Hill RSL in Western Sydney and will air live Wednesday, August 11 at 6:00pm AEST. 200 undecided voters chosen by the Galaxy polling company will question the leaders separately on their policies.

Speers said, “Modern election campaigns have been criticised for being too controlled. We’re bringing back some old fashioned face-to-face campaigning to give voters a good look at the real Julia Gillard and real Tony Abbott.”

The agreement to the forum follows widespread criticism that the first Leaders’ Debate lacked any passion, and an offer of another Debate from the Seven Network, which was declined by Abbott.

It also comes at a time when SKY News has been looking to upstage the new ABC News 24 channel.


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  1. Just because Labor bribe those in Western Sydney with Pigs fly Train Link between Epping – Parramatta…..suddenly we have become Labor convert. How cheap these people….

    I have waited 12 years for that train……I realised never to vote Labor after 2 term of their trickery and lies. I am worst off under Labor now and I thought I was worst off under Liberal under Howard.

    Lets hope Australian don’t get tricked with incompetence like in NSW Labor and their Scam….they laugh and giggle ….when the link was announced. No more Labor Pain anymore for me. once, twice….No more 3 times being tricked by Labor!!…Labor is un-Australian in the manner they treated Rudd…..

  2. Hello Foxtel Fanboys. Foxtel is only in the capital cities isn’t it? As for Austar, many people have better things to spend their limited income on. I doubt it will be “on the big screen down at the pub”.

  3. Does anyone know why Sky in particular was agreed to by both contenders? Any perception that they may get an easy ride as far as questions go? If it’s anything like the first “debate” it’ll have heart rates barely above comatose.

  4. lol i love everyone complaining! get foxtel u cheapos!! ill have it and its not unwatchable.. if you knew about foxtel you can have programs recording and watch them when you want so nothing is unwatchable! i will be recording this! Go Tony!!!! cant stand toolied dillard! shes such a fake.

  5. Why doesn’t sky news make the vision available to whoever wants to broadcast it. The ABC does with the national press club, debates, etc.
    abc news 24 could do a ‘jessica watson’ coverage. Use the dirty host broadcast feed and plaster it with news 24 branding

  6. This forum is too restrictive not only because it will only be shown on Sky News, but also it is organised by The Daily Telegraph, which means that only reporters from the paper can attend the event and report it for DT and sister papers such as Herald Sun, and rival papers such as The Sydney Morning Herald will have to rely on Sky’s live coverage for quotes and pics.

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