SciFi writer for Melbourne forum

She wrote for Buffy, Angel, Firefly, Battlestar Galactica, Deep Space Nine, Dollhouse, Caprica and she's coming to Australia.

US television writer/producer Jane Espenson, best known for her work on Buffy the Vampie Slayer, is coming to Australia for an industry forum.

Espenson, who was executive story editor, producer and writer on more than 20 Buffy episodes, also wrote for Angel, Firefly, Gilmore Girls, The OC, Battlestar Galactica, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, Dollhouse, Caprica and is working on Torchwood: The New World.

She will appear at Film Victoria’s Arresting Audiences, a two-day summit for producers, screenwriters, directors and script editors, which will explore the importance of connecting with audiences.

The summit will bring together the latest research, specialist speakers and international and national practitioners.

Other TV speakers include Producer Ewan Burnett, David Castran (ADA Q-Scores), Producer and former Head of Drama for ABC Robyn Kershaw, and Winter Mead who is the Product Marketing Director at Coincident TV which created an interactive platform for Glee.

It will be held in Melbourne on 23rd and 24th September,

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