Sherlock to get renewal

BBC drama Sherlock, created by Doctor Who writers Steven Moffat and Mark Gatiss, will be getting a second season.

The modern-day reimagining, starring Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman Sherlock, drew both big audiences and critical acclaim. More than seven million people tuned in to see Sunday’s dramatic cliffhanger.

Producer Sue Vertue, wife of Moffat, told BBC1’s Breakfast programme this week, “There will be more. We’re having a meeting to talk about how many and when really.”

Episodes will remain at 90 minutes long.

Moffat later told Radio 5 Live: “We’re going in for a meeting any second now about it. But yes, of course it will [come back]. It’s not officially confirmed yet but yes, it will – of course it will.”

Based on stories by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, the 90-minute specials were written by Mark Gatiss (co-star of The League of Gentleman), Stephen Thompson and Steven Moffat.

The drama is due to air in the US in October and on the Nine Network later this year.

Source: Guardian


  1. This show has had an amazing amount of word of mouth behind it. Probably anyone who saw it, told others to watch it who then did the same.

    See this is the problem with the networks in Aus. No one can trust when or if they will play such things and so they just ignore them.

    Something like this, they should be airing right away. I can understand trepidation for series which may be cancelled after 6 episodes, but something like this is just 3 specials. They shouldn’t wait for acclaim then then slip them in way down the track when they can. They should show some initiative.

    It belongs on ABC though with out ads.

  2. Great show apparently, pity it’s to be on Nine. Almost anything of quality on Nine is doomed from the get go. Maybe ABC2 or SBS will get a go at it in a few years time after it’s bombed on Nine, having been shifted all around the shop in the process of course. Something to look forward to after Deadwood finishesits run on ABC2, or between seasons of Mad Men on SBS.

  3. Ads are a fact of life on commercial TV. I heard about the edits they did with Survivors but wasn’t that more for the high level of violences? Either way I didn’t wait for Nine for, has Nine aired the 2nd series of Survivors yet?

    Having watched the 3rd Sherlock I can’t wait for more!

  4. Secret Squïrrel

    @Craig: Well I’m glad that you seem happy with 25% ads because I certainly wouldn’t be. Nine might very well choose to cut a few minutes out in order to fit it into a 1¾ hour slot. They’ve def done that before with movies and programs from non-commercial channels (ie no room for ads).

    Anyway, I agree that it is a bit premature to be lambasting Nine for chopping it to ribbons, altho’ Nine didn’t get that reputation by broadcasting shows in their entirety.

  5. Not quite sure of the question. Clearly Nine hasn’t edited anything out of a show they haven’t even yet aired.

    Subject to contractual deals they have with a distributor, networks can edit whatever they like out of a programme. ACMA doesn’t rule that they must air shows in their entirety. It is more focussed on content fitting classification issues, more concerned on what is left in than left out.

    Sherlock will air on Nine not GO!

  6. No I don’t and again why would Nine spend time and money to edited them? David do you know if Nine can legally edited the show? Apart from the reasons I listed before?

  7. Very good news! i will be watching it when it comes to nine I’m just hoping nine doesn’t cut bits out but then again it’s better than not seeing it at all plus we’ve got the DVD’s and foxtel to see it unedited.

  8. Why do people think Nine has nothing better to do then go around editing bits out of the programs it buys? The only reason for doing this it to remove graphic violence or sex scene when in earlier time slots, neither of which apply for this show. Or in the case of Top Gear (before they bought the rights to the full version) the BBC edited the show down for copyright reasons to be used international.

    Sherlock will fit perfect into any 2 hour movie slot with 30 minutes of ads. I’m betting Sunday nights, it’s just a matter of when?

  9. Nicholas Lawrence

    You’re right about one thing Patrick, it won’t last 5 weeks on Go!

    Because only 3 90 minute episodes were made for the first season.

  10. Most certainly one the ABC should show.

    A great pity it’s on 9 – I’m sure they’ll edit bits out of it, move it around the timeslots etc, in order for it to rate.

    Looks like a great show though – but – as I’ve said before – I have a bet that it won’t last 5 weeks on Ch 9. Either that or it’ll be shunted off to GO!

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