Sunrise hosts a “real” Debate

Family First and the Australian Sex Party battle it out, as Sunrise declares Gillard and Abbott are off limits unless they agree to a morning TV debate.

Sunrise has tapped into voter frustration at an election campaign devoid of passion, and a Great Debate that left us collectively dissatisfied.

This morning, the Seven show hosted a 12 minute segment with a Debate between Family First and the Australian Sex Party.

The two representatives argued everything from billboard advertising to gay marriage  and the internet filter, with host Mel Doyle serving as Moderator.

Writing for The Drum, Catherine Deveney (seemingly rather horrified to be actually watching Sunrise) conceded, “I saw something I hadn’t seen for a while. Passion. Not spin. Not scripted and controlled, driven by polls and informed by focus groups but a real stouch. Sure, not the best I’ve ever seen but with the lack of passion in the campaign any spit flying and table thumping is better than none.”

Sunrise Executive Producer Adam Boland says the show was flooded with reactions from viewers.

“This morning’s format was simple. The candidates took the gloves off and were forced to argue for what they really believe. The overwhelming view from our audience is that they’re yet to discover the real Julia Gillard or the real Tony Abbott.

“Rather than simply being used as a propaganda machine for the parties, Sunrise will no longer have either leader on the show during the campaign unless they hear the wishes of everyday Australians and take part in an honest encounter. Julia Gillard says it’s time to get real. Here’s the chance.”

Viewers have started signing an online petition for a “real” Debate.

Sunrise also had an interview with Rick Astley today.

Maybe we should just RickRoll the two leaders instead?


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  1. Sorry, but I think Sunrise with it’s no stunt debates is actually pulling one of the biggest media stunts of the election so far. Their call for people to sign a debate petition should be boycotted as it is nothing more than a beat up.

    The media is the problem in this election with it’s over kill.

    I don’t want to or need to see every living breathing moment of the election !

  2. Rumour has it Today is planning their own mass debate featuring a boxing kangaroo against a rabid emu. The winner gets the coat of arms all to themselves. The loser features on the lunchtime menu at Nine’s canteen.

  3. 2 Irrelevant parties debating on the most irrelevant show on Australian Television. What’s next week, Democrats vs Christian Democrats (Fred Nile Group)?/Citizens Electoral Council?

  4. Oh yes, Sunrise really showed Julia and Tony, they must be quaking. Sunrise need a reality check. They’re not what they were, and when they were, it wasn’t very much. You’d think morning TV actually rated the way they act.

  5. Catherine Deveney disgraced herself earlier in the year, and what she writes on Twitter continues to be a disgusting mess. I can’t take her seriously at all.

    I find it difficult to believe that Sunrise would not attempt to have Gillard and Rudd on a day or two before the election. This supposed policy shows they have no interest in News!

    Fiona Patten – “I suppose it was the internet filter that really got us going”. As the Australian Sex Party maybe, but the Eros Association has been around for years.

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