TEN tipped to announce Eleven

A new digital channel aimed at 16-39's will complement TEN's broader 25-54 viewers.

TEN is expected to announce its new entertainment channel, Eleven, today -according to The Australian.

The new digital channel will replace ONE SD and focus on a young demographic of 16-39 while TEN reaches out to 25 – 54.

The network is hosting briefings for analysts, investors and the media today in which Eleven is expected to be announced. TEN has indicated a new channel coming for some time, originally due earlier in 2010.

Titles such as MasterChef Australia, The 7PM Project, The Good Wife, NCIS and and upcoming dramas Bluebloods, Defenders and Hawaii Five-0 are expected to remain on TEN but there is speculation Glee, The Cleveland Show and upcoming sitcoms Raising Hope and Mixed Signals may shift to Eleven.

Other potential titles could include the return of Supernatural and the premiere of the Melrose Place remake.

The Network is also likely to announce more from Hamish and Andy soon.

The third channel will follow Seven announcing 7mate last week, to launch September 25.

TEN’s 2011 Programme Launch is set for mid-September.

ELEVEN to launch in early 2011.

Source: The Australian

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  1. What?
    “focus on a young demographic of 16-39”
    I’m sure not a lot of 16 year olds would watch the Good Wife or NCIS … If they are going to focus on a young demographic then actually put shows that the younger audience will actually like for once unlike GO! who totally screwed everything up…
    No one understand us.

  2. Matt, you don’t have a clue what you’re talking about.

    Lack of bandwidth causes very different degradations in picture quality than poor reception would.

    Poor reception causes picture breakup and sound artifacting. Trying to pile too many channels into a given bandwidth causes compression artifacts. The picture starts to look blocky. This is not caused by poor reception. I’m sure you do have what you consider ‘perfect’ reception. You will have the same picture as I do. I guess you just haven’t seen what good picture quality looks like.

  3. People love a whinge don’t they? If the channel is called “72” or “Eleven” it’s boring and unimaginative, if it’s called “GO!” or “7mate” it’s stupid and pathetic. And whatever the program content *might* be (notice David uses words like “expected” and “speculation”) people have to complain that their favourite program is or isn’t moving to the new channel.

    Let’s just be grateful for more content and see what happens. Thanks Ten (and Seven and Nine). Seriously.

  4. I am sick of reading on here people whinging about everything. You should be happy that for once, Australia is getting some variety on FTA TV. Big deal if Stargate or whatever isn’t on there – get Foxtel. There is truly no satisfying some people.

    Also, some people seem to complain about bandwidth or whatever. Umm, have you ever thought it may be your equipment or reception??? I know that I have perfect reception on all SD and HD channels.

    Just thought I’d have my say….have a nice day : )

  5. If some of you read this article better it said “Titles such as MasterChef Australia, … are expected to remain on TEN”
    Don’t get to excited about this channel. If the programmers are using dartboard decisions like GO! and 7TWO, is could be just as bad. The Networks do not want these new channels to grow an audience through a steady set of programming, they want you to watch their last minute changes.
    I dont even bother watching the commercial digital channels with their bizzare starting times like 7.52pm, 6:17pm etc etc.

  6. If Ten do move Glee to Eleven that would be a gutsy move, but one that could pay off for the network. If it is the case it’ll good to see them treating Eleven as a genuine network rather than just an ‘also-ran’ ‘here’s all the stuff we don’t want’ network.

    Although, it will be that too, seeing as though Supernatural presumably rise from the dead once again.

  7. Sounds good, somewhat. I hope they can get Smallville back (or GO!/7TWO/whoever). It last screened on 10HD but left when 10 made that about sports. I was under the impression they sold it to FOX8 (Foxtel) but all they’ve been showing is re-runs.

  8. New station has been announced. According to article on the age website ‘ELEVEN” will be the new “exclusive home” of The Simpsons and Neighbours.

    In terms of the new channel, he said ELEVEN would become the network’s new ‘‘exclusive home’’ of The Simpsons and long-running early evening soap Neighbours.

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